DirecSource Launches Educational Global Sourcing Series

Information helps brands streamline their supply chain

Online PR News – 17-January-2012 – – Anniston, AL. – Direcsource, a leading supplier of sourcing and manufacturing services, has launched an ongoing educational series devoted to helping brands improve their supply chain.

The series will show companies that manufacture products how they can achieve everything from peace of mind by knowing they are doing business with credible sources to ways they can save significant money by carefully evaluating all aspects of their supply chain.

Each topic in this ongoing series – which kicks off today - will offer tangible examples illustrating key steps companies should be taking as they look at their supply chain.

Among the topics highlighted in the new series from DirecSource:

▪ Choosing and managing The Right Factory
▪ Tools and tips for Raw Materials Management
▪ Avoid Counterfieting and keep your Brand Integrity
▪ Careful Product Engineering can tip the scales in your favor

“At Direcsource, we spend a lot of time working with our customers and auditing the factories we work with to ensure every customer is put into a position that allows them to succeed,” said Ed Ring, COO of Direcsource.

The first in the series, Is it Time For Your Supply Chain Check-Up launched today and addresses key points that should be looked at when examining your supply chain. If you’d like to schedule a free “Supply Chain Check-Up” please contact us.

DirecSource is a leading global supply chain solutions company providing sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, shipping, warehousing and fulfillment services. To learn more about DirecSource please visit www.direcsource.com or contact Ed Ring at edr@direcsource.com

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