FT Pipeline Systems Highlights the Benefits of Boiler Pipes

FT Pipeline Systsems is looking to highlight the benefits of its range of boiler pipes

Online PR News – 16-January-2012 – – Leading UK pipe suppliers FT Pipeline Systems has advised the UK construction industry to consider the use of boiler pipes in future pipe network projects to help ease the installation of networks and help assure that it requires as little maintenance as possible.

Through meticulous checks during the production process, the boiler pipes are designed to continue to work under a number of pressures that other pipelines may be less accustomed to. Boiler pipes are produced to incorporate both the extreme straightness and roundness of the tubes, ensuring they’re of a suitable condition to withstand a number of stresses that may cause damage to pipe materials used in other pipe networks.

Further to this, the boiler pipes are built with uniform wall thickness to ensure that once the pipeline has been created there won’t be certain sections of the pipeline that will come under specific stresses due to an uneven thickness. Ensuring the boiler pipes are built to these standards not only helps to maintain the longevity of the pipeline, but also assures customers of the quality of the products they’re purchasing.

Duncan Frazer, CEO of FT Pipeline Systems, said: “Welded boiler pipes with annealed weld seam, are of a great advantage to the UK boiler industry. Through ensuring all elements of the pipeline are of equal size during the production process we can guarantee the longevity of a pipe network constructed with welded boiler pipes. The likelihood of requiring maintenance once the pipeline is constructed remains low, reducing additional costs required to hire trained professionals to undertake the repairs and to purchase extra piping to repair the damaged sections.”

FT Pipeline Systems’ line of low cost, high quality, boiler pipes can also be specifically constructed to meet the requirements of the customer. From 33.7mm to 114.3mm the post annealed boiler pipes provide a low cost economical solution with greatly improved surface characteristics and precision.

FT Pipeline Systems has supplied steel pipes, pipe fittings and pipe joints to the UK construction industry for over 25 years. For more information, please visit www.ftpipelinesystems.co.uk or call 01543 416024.

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