European Union Launches “Electrical Derby” – Bodacious Girls, Roller Skates and Electricity!

The European Union officially launches Electrical Derby on YouTube today, their follow-up to last year’s viral sensation, Chemical Party.

Online PR News – 09-June-2009 – – The EU continues to find clever and original ways to make science research not only easy to understand, but also hip and funny. Their latest roller derby-inspired advert manages to push the comedy even more, as neon-clad roller girls (electrons!) whiz around a roller rink (electric current!). Mustached men act as the positive and negative sides of the battery, while S.W.A.T. team "resisters" try to slow down the rolling electrons.

Watch, as the action of a short circuit and a switch of polarity gets played out with remarkable comedic accuracy – making the prospect of research careers, really, well, cool!

About the European Union (EU)
The EU is a unique economic and political partnership between 27 democratic European countries whose purpose is to promote peace, prosperity and freedom for its 498 million citizens. Since its inception, the EU has established frontier-free travel and trade, the euro (the single European currency), safer food and a greener environment, better living standards in poorer regions, joint action on crime and terror, cheaper phone calls, millions of opportunities to study abroad … and much, much more.