GDV Global Digital Vision Announces A Brand New Mobile Platform For Your Business

Global Digital Vision (GDV) Announces a new mobile platform services for your business.

Online PR News – 18-January-2012 – – GDV Global Digital Vision Pty Ltd Mobile Media Platform is a mature platform that utilises mobile channel to reach customers on the move and deliver promotional messages and inform customer about new products, services or specials. GDV mobile media platform is SMS and Mobile internet bases platform to provide mobile coupons, mobile tickets, mobile appointments, mobile reminders, paperless images and multimedia delivery, mobile lead capture, and mobile Quiz / Contest / Poll / Feedback. This platform is provided to small, medium and big business in SaaS internet based mode with full GDV service support to deliver message and reach their customer in most efficient and most targeting way. The platform provide means to capture leads, get people to opt-in, stimulate user engagement and deliver message straight to users mobiles.

After successful introduction of first generation of mobile media platform, GDV Global Digital Vision Pty Ltd has been working on new release of the platform to introduce new features, enhancements and advance packages in its second generation platform.

Below are main features of the second generation platform:

Utilise mobile email
Mobile email is getting popular with smart phone users, and in Australia the 53% of smart phone users use their wireless terminals to check their email at the end of 2011. Consider that sending emails is much cheaper than sending SMS, keeping the platform the same but replacing SMS with email decreases advertising costs and still utilize mobile channel for target marketing.

Introduction of mobile payment
For coupons, brochures and other promotional materials click to buy item option is introduced. The whole transaction is to be done on smart phones. Two options are supported:

a) By using GDV payment gateway. GDV need to have contract with retailers for delivery of goods (initial phase)
b) By using retailer gateway. The retailer need to have its own mobile payment facility (later phase)

The mobile solution addresses all mobile payment security issues, have citification, and give users confidence to buy from their mobiles and enjoy m-commerce.

Loyalty Program feature
This is an enhancement to the existing platform. In addition to regular coupon campaigns the business gives every user/buyer with coupon additional points. The points are based on product pricing and number of products bought. When the number of points exceeds a set threshold, a special mobile coupon is issued with a big discount. The alternative is to give special discount to subscribers that buy more than X dollars per month from the same business.
Enhancement for paperless brochure delivery
This is an enhancement to the existing feature of paperless image/text delivery to mobiles. The aim is to replace home paper delivery of brochures/pamphlets/catalogues/promotion materials with cheaper environment friendly solution.

Group buy power
Offer special discounts to group of N people. Message is pushed to existing database members to promote special discounts to a group of N people and get higher bargain power. The people can form groups themself and register to system. The aim is to acquire new customers for retailer/advertiser in an aggressive manner. Also, the aim is to expand and grow customer list.

Referral Packages
In addition to normal coupon delivery additional incentive is to be given to any subscriber that refers a friend or family member to subscribe to the service to receive coupons. The aim is to expand customer data base and potentially accelerate acquiring of new customers through a progressive referral scheme.

Enhancements for lead generation
The aim of this widget is to opt-in users to subscribe for different campaigns. The user should see what campaigns are active and be able to opt in according to interest. The page is designed for both mobile and ordinary internet connection.

Personal use
This feature is mobile solutions to individual needs of users rather than to resellers / businesses / companies. Users can use these packages for invitations, seasons greeting, wedding parties, e-Card, group messaging, and etc. to communicate with colleagues, friends, family and relatives. This is an internet SaaS (software as a service) based mobile solution.
The security issues of special VIP coupons, loyalty program points are all maximum protected with new release, and special attention has been given to privacy aspect of users.

About the company -
GDV Global Digital Vision Pty. Ltd. is a mobile and internet solution developing company offering high quality products and services at a competitive price in areas of mobile and mobile internet applications, on line mobile solutions, and web design & development. This company aims to utilize the opportunities of emerging wireless internet and cloud computing and intends to provide applications and services that connect people through integration of Internet, wireless terminals and computers in a global digital world.