Biz-Hub International, Inc. – Chris de Jager enters into working agreements with two major banks

The facilitation of Bank Guarantees, Documentary Letters of Credit, Standby Letters of Credit, Warranties (Avals) and Performance Bonds are now easily obtained for Clients by Biz-Hub International, inc.
To its credit, Biz-Hub International, Inc. is now mandated with two major Investors for International Finance located in the UK and USA.

Online PR News – 15-January-2012 – – Chris de Jager, Owner and CEO of Biz-Hub International, Inc. says that International Finance has become increasingly difficult to fund mainly due to Clients not having sufficient collateral/security to offer a Lender as recourse for their capital being at risk. This situation has now been alleviated by Biz-Hub International, Inc. with the introduction of 100% funding and a small equity share. Gone are the ridiculous costs for due diligence, underwriting and the various other rigorous procedures that go into qualifying an application. Provided Clients have succinct business plans, and third party Feasibility Studies of their projects, funding becomes a breeze and only a site visit is then required to collate all related information. Biz-Hub International, Inc. has now positioned itself in the market place to offer it’s clientele a positive opportunity to realize their dreams and/or expand their businesses.
Biz-Hub International, Inc. has your business interests at heart.