Tim Kay Films Release: When to Hire a Professional or Self-Produce Your Marketing Video.

Tim Kay Films, Bay Area video production company has just announced the release of their new, two part series titled: When to hire a Professional or Self-Produce your marketing video.

Online PR News – 14-January-2012 – – Tim Kay Films has just announced the release of their new, two part series titled:

When to Hire a Video Production Company?

on their website, http://timkayfilms.com The blog address the ever growing question about when it's good for business to hire a production company to create and produce your content. Tim Kay Films has found this question has been growing strong with the prices of video cameras getting cheaper, editing equipment becoming easier to gain and the overall tools becoming more accessible.

"This article is a win/win. We know that it's not financially viable for every company to hire out a professional to create a video production. So first we ask basic questions about your brand and offer tips on when it's OK to create a DIY video for your brand and when it can be a bad idea and actually hurt your company. And if you're thinking about hiring a company, giving us a call."

Available for full reading in our Blog section, http://http://timkayfilms.com/blogs.html, these articles offer a balanced view and approach and even encourage in some instances to create a self-produce video (for those that are tech-savvy enough).

About Tim Kay Films.

Tim Kay Films is a State of the Art, Full Service Corporate HD Video Production in San Francisco & Bay Area, that focus on results oriented video production. Clients can expect top tier results every time. TKF uses the latest technology , from 3d cameras to multi-format web streaming and integrates this workflow into SEO friendly videos and marketing plans.