ATX-Global CEO Travis Lane Jenkins Launches Unique Online Marketing System

Serial entrepreneur, Travis Lane Jenkins developed a unique marketing system that saved his local service company and changed his life forever!

Online PR News – 02-February-2012 – – Houston, TX, February 2, 2012, 2012 –Travis Lane Jenkins, the owner of a local service company dealt with dwindling profits and resources during the heart of the recession but has battled back to the top and is now more successful than ever before! Now known in several industries as the “Renegade Millionaire”, Travis has been able to not only recoup his lost money in just 18 months time but he also has created an ingenious marketing system that now allows his business to create a waiting list of loyal customers who pay top dollar for his company’s services using the system he developed.

Founder and CEO of ATX-Global, Travis Lane Jenkins started out marketing his business using traditional advertising methods like many of today’s local business owners do. He saw moderate success throughout the 1990’s and staffed his company with driven people and spent a fortune on traditional advertising. He was a capable business owner and made the most of the available resources for his business. But like many local business owners before him, Travis succumbed to the lure of traditional advertising to keep clients coming and around 2005 the advertizing became less effective and his company’s profits slowly dwindled away until there was virtually nothing left.

The Trouble with Traditional Advertising

Spending more and more on traditional advertising channels like print media, television, and newspapers did not bring the business like it once had. The advertising that he once relied on had gotten so expensive and less effective that it was eating up all of the profits that the company made. The few prospects that were generated from these expensive channels were also not his ideal clients. They were more price driven and less focused on quality which drove the company’s profit margins down because they were forced to lower prices to gain new business. This proved to be a vicious cycle that he would eventually find out that he could not spend his way out of. In 2009 the business was on the brink of complete financial ruin and nearing the stages of going under all together.

…know like and trust us before they even met us.

A New Online Marketing System

It was at this time that Travis knew that as its owner, drastic changes would have to be made or they would be forced to close the doors forever. It was then that Travis stumbled across an idea for a marketing system that he could design with the needs of a local business in mind. After testing this newly developed system he implemented it for his company with the goal of establishing his business the Local Expert in its industry. The beauty of this new online advertising system, according to Travis Jenkins is that it preconditions prospects to “…know, like, and trust us before they even met us.”

Getting His Money Back

For Mr. Jenkins, the new online marketing system completely changed the way he manages and markets his company. It let him recoup the money he lost to traditional advertising in just 18 months and gave him the time freedom to work less and still increase profits all during the middle of a recession!

Today, this online marketing system enables Travis Lane Jenkins’ company to be selective of the clients they accept and eliminate the price shoppers. His company now spends time “speaking with only qualified buyers, writing new orders, and providing great services.” By establishing themselves as the local expert through this new innovative marketing system, the company is able to create “a waiting list of new clients that are willing to pay top dollar” for their services and are focused on “quality and great service,” instead of pricing.

Giving Back to the Community

Now the owner of the multi-million venture and far from being a bankrupt business owner, Travis Lane Jenkins seeks to give back to other struggling business owners. The ATX-Global founder and CEO has vowed to take 100 struggling business owners and personally mentor and teach them his online marketing system. More information on Mr. Jenkins’ success story and the details of this coaching program are available at

About ATX-Global

ATX-Global is a full-service digital marketing firm dedicated to providing strategy and implementation services for businesses looking to fully leverage the power of the internet. Additionally, ATX-Global is comprised of a team of exceptional business professionals that provide consulting and training for select companies who prefer to market their business themselves. ATX-Global serves clients around the world and across many different industries. They work with everyone from technology start-ups to well established offline businesses looking to market their business online. ATX-Global gives their clients the marketing edge they need to succeed.

ATX-Global is a full-service digital marketing firm dedicated to providing strategy and implementation services for businesses looking to fully leverage the power of the internet. ATX-Global gives their clients the marketing edge they need to succeed!