RezVera Announces New Breakthrough Supplement for IBS

Using only natural ingredients, new supplement offers a cure for common digestive disease.

Online PR News – 28-March-2012 – – Each year, 35,000 hospitalizations occur due to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, a common digestive condition affecting as many as 5 million Americans. RezVera, a breakthrough new supplement, aims to change that by healing the digestive tract to calm the condition.

Doctors are still stumped as to what ultimately causes IBS. It is more common in America than in areas with more natural diets, which leads some to believe it is due to our highly processed diet.

The digestive system relies on enzymes to help break down and absorb the foods we eat. Those enzymes come from natural, unprocessed foods, and when the diet is made primarily of processed foods, the body lacks the enzymes. This means that food is not fully broken down as it passes through the body. Some of it will become lodged where it should not be in the digestive tract, where it rots. This causes pain, gas, and bloating.

It appears that replenishing these stores of digestive enzymes provides a very real solution to IBS and this poorly absorbed food. One way is to fully change the American diet, but more effective and practical way is through supplements containing the missing enzymes. RezVera contains 18 digestive enzymes to help heal the body from the inside, promoting proper digestion and eliminating the problems of IBS.

When asked about the supplement, one of the company’s representive said, “At RezVera, we believe that people do not have to surrender to the pain and discomfort of IBS. We have found a very real solution using completely natural ingredients, so there is no danger in trying it, yet it provides effective results for thousands of individuals who have IBS or other digestive complaints.”

To use RezVera, simply take one or two capsules daily before meals. Within approximately 30 days, most users report relief or a complete improvement of their symptoms.

“We want more people to find out about the real relief offered through RezVera,” said the company spokesperson. “That is why we offer a risk-free 30-day treatment. If you are not finding the product to work for you, then you are not out any money!” Those who suffer from IBS and have tried multiple prescription medications know that this is an excellent offer.

About RezVera

RezVera is a breakthrough supplement designed for those suffering from IBS. It uses the power of aloe vera to heal the digestive system while also replenishing 18 digestive enzymes usually lacking in those suffering from IBS. For more details, visit

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