RezVera Introduces New Supplement to Relieve Sour Stomach

Users of RezVera report excellent relief from sour stomach symptoms

Online PR News – 28-March-2012 – – Chronic stomach pain, bloating and excessive gas are the symptoms of sour stomach and acid indigestion. Doctor will typically suggest a diet change and recommend bunch of pills to take. While the pills may cover up the symptoms, It will do little to treat the underlying cause, and the pill taking stops or something that is not on the“approved” food list being consumed, symptoms will show up again. There is now a natural solution to this common complaint, and that is RezVera.

RezVera is a supplement made from 100 percent natural ingredients that targets the underlying cause of the symptoms of a sour stomach. Irritation in the digestive system combined with a lack of digestive enzymes will cause the bloating, gas, and pain of this common ailment. RezVera’s ingredients target both of these problems.

First, RezVera contains aloe vera. When asked about the need for this ingredient, a company spokesperson said, “For centuries, natural healers have given aloe vera to individuals suffering from stomach discomforts. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties heal and sooth irritated tissue in the digestive system, and this can greatly calm symptoms.”

The second cause, a lack of digestive enzymes, leaves undigested food particles trapped in the digestive system. These are a great source of irritation for the body, and as they begin to decay, they release gas that can lead to chronic belching and flatulence. RezVera contains 18 digestive enzymes from natural sources to start breaking down this food, preventing it from becoming a source of problems for the individual.

With RezVera, individuals suffering from a sour stomach can once again enjoy the foods they love. As one satisfied user said, “For the past three years I would always get severely bloated after eating any sorts of meats or large meals. Yesterday I ate a full course steak dinner, and have never felt better. I feel like I got my life back. I implore anyone with stomach issues to try this. You won't be disappointed.”

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RezVera offers real relief to those who suffer from stomach discomforts. Using aloe vera and digestive enzymes, it heals the digestive system using only natural ingredients. To find out more about this powerful supplement, visit

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