Youth and High School Sports Teams Add The SportStation to their Team

Being part of a youth or high school sports team can not be easy, there are so many tasks to take care of to get the team ready for the season, but fear not coaches and equipment directors, you have help.

Online PR News – 14-January-2012 – – As a coach or an equipment director, trying to outfit an entire sports team with uniforms can really be a tedious and mind numbing task. There are the measurements to take for each of the growing kids, by the time the Team Uniforms are ordered, the player has most likely outgrown the size that was ordered. What about the spelling on the back of the team uniforms, what if it comes back and Jonny Shifflets uniform was spelled with two t’s instead of two f’s. Then there are the potential issues with the logo not being the right color or not being centered…the list goes on and on of potential season debilitating issues that today’s coaches and equipment directors have to deal with just to get the season started.

But then one has to ask oneself, “just where would I go to supply an entire team with a Custom Team Uniform and how do we make sure the entire team gets the uniforms we ordered correctly and on time?” While it looks like a huge task to undertake, there is a company that eliminated the headaches and stress felt by the team staff and allows total control over the uniform building process. But the best part is, designing the custom team uniform can be done from their home or office.

With a revolutionary website that allows the coaches and players to go online and create the team uniforms from scratch, total control is given to the user regarding the brand, style, color and an image of the logo can even be uploaded to show the user what the custom team uniform will look like when they receive it, thus eliminating the stress of worrying if the colors will be right, if the shoulder stripes are the right color and all the other visual details that make create nightmares for the coaching staff.

So, now custom team uniforms have been ordered, the names of the players are spelled correctly and sent to the manufacturer to be applied to your custom design, but what about the other issues that now face the coaching staff. Jim Garner, President of The SportStation had this to say, “we are right there the whole step of the way, through thick and thin, we are part of the team. If the team is not happy, they will not get the win, and we don’t like our teams to lose.” The SportStation assists in outfitting the entire team by taking the measurements needed for each of the players, making sure all names are spelled correctly, checking the colors selected and the logo is correct and positioned properly on the custom team uniform. “If there is an issue with any of our team uniforms, we are right on top of it and will get the issue resolved immediately,” said Jim Garner.

The most impressive by aspect to keep in mind before designing your custom team uniform with the Uniform Builder, is that The SportStation has an in house art department that works with teams designing logos that inspire, motivate and elicit team spirit from the fans and team supporters.

About The SportStation
As the leading provider of Team Sporting Equipment and Team Uniforms, The SportStation offers the largest brand selection in the anywhere for Team Sports organizations throughout the USA and Canada. With customers from youth leagues, schools and semi-pro sports, The SportStation is known for their extensive product knowledge and ability to customize most orders. With a talented in house art department and ability to screen print, sublimate and custom embroider Team Uniforms; The SportStation will proudly outfit any team to their exact specifications quickly and efficiently. Whether it is practice or play, coaches, players or umpires, The SportStation is a one stop shop for any sports team. Visit The SportStations Online Sports Store at

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