Open Book Bar Prep, a Bar Review Course for the Bar Exam, Offers Live, Individual Instruction

Open Book Bar Prep prepares students for the bar exam and stresses that simplicity and efficiency are key when it comes to studying for the state bar exam.

Online PR News – 25-January-2012 – – The founding and launching of Mr. Babak “Bobby” Doustkam’s bar examination prep class, Open Book Bar Prep, proves successful through the positive feedback and passing scores of its students. The founding of Open Book Bar Prep sprang forth after Mr. Bobby Doustkam passed the California Bar Exam. Doustkam noticed consistent patterns within the examination, conceptualized what the bar graders expect in a passing score, and grew a passion to teach this knowledge to others in the most efficient way—through one-on-one instruction.

Open Book Bar Prep is a Los Angeles-based, California bar exam prep class and learning institution concentrated on condensing the information and materials necessary for a bar review course into a focused set of pertinent information and teaching this information to students in a one-on-one setting—a method of teaching more effective and personalized than group instruction.

What makes Open Book Bar Prep stand out from other Los Angeles bar review courses is threefold: its cornerstone of individualized attention, its efficient course review books, and its specialized focus on the bar exam essay.


Open Book Bar Prep’s central focus is the fact that every student has different strengths and weaknesses and needs personal attention. Students seeking to take Los Angeles bar review classes and Los Angeles baby bar prep classes to pass both the bar exam and the baby bar (also known as the First Year Law School Exam) thrive on individual attention. One student may struggle with the retention and understanding of the law while another student may struggle with essay organization and timing. Open Book Bar Prep is distinguished by its ability to tailor to each individual’s needs.

Open Book Bar Prep’s Learning Center capitalizes on the fundamental idea of individual instruction by providing a personal workspace in a classroom setting. In addition, the Learning Center’s website provides access to daily, one-on-one instruction, individual and group calendars, and other resources.

Open Book Bar Prep’s course review books emphasize simplicity. The majority of other bar prep classes distribute books that contain thousands of pages and leave the students to fiddle through the books and attempt to decipher all the information on their own. Open Book Bar Prep uses less material that is more focused and guided by coaching. Mr. Bobby Doustkam has personally-designed material that accompanies each section of the course, which consists of law school supplements, such as subject review, essay outlining and writing, performance tests, and simulated exams and essay writing for the bar exam essay.

To date, Mr. Bobby Doustkam has written eighteen books and is in the process of releasing a second edition. These prep books capitalize on the course’s belief of efficiency through simplicity and have gained much success through continual testing. Rather than having thousands of pages to sort through, Open Book Bar Prep narrows down this page count by focusing on pertinent information and placing a greater emphasis on repetition, practice, and attention to detail—providing more practice and review than found in any other course. Open Book Bar Prep uses methodical teaching and coaching to instruct its students exactly what to do within these pages and delves straight into the information students need.

Another great advantage of Open Book Bar Prep is its bar graded simulated exams, which include the bar exam essay. Open Book Bar Prep offers a minimum of five simulated exams to each student, while most other bar review courses only offer one or two. All of Open Book Bar Prep’s simulated exams are graded and critiqued by an experienced, former bar exam grader. This bar grader provides paragraph-by-paragraph critique for every student. CEO and founder Mr. Babak, “Bobby” Doustkam emphasizes that “This professional grading feature lets each student know exactly where they stand in their performance and what they would have scored on the exam had they just taken it.” A bar grader’s involvement in the class makes Open Book Bar Prep stand out among other prep classes.

Mr. Babak, “Bobby” Doustkam further states, “We specialize in catering to each individual’s specific needs. At Open Book Bar Prep, we set the bar.” Open Book Bar Prep’s materials are developed to teach students how to be efficient at the California bar review and succeed upon taking the bar examination. Open Book Bar Prep prepares its students for success through the course’s philosophy and ensures its students will have the tools and confidence necessary to pass the bar exam.

About Open Book Bar Prep

Open Book Bar Prep is built on the philosophies of, firstly, understanding and applying the law versus memorizing it and, secondly, approaching the Bar Exam like an Open Book test. Students are taught to concentrate on analyzing elements of the law, partnered with specific facts and to strategize and outline effectively. Mr. Bobby Doustkam works one-on-one with students to establish bar exam proficiency in a Learning Center equipped with a furnished, personal workspace for every student, Wi-Fi, a library, and a kitchen. If interested in one-on-one bar review courses and individual bar prep classes, please contact Open Book Bar Prep.
For more information or press, visit Open Book Bar Prep's website or call Babak Doustkam at (213) 480-8444. Open Book Bar Prep Headquarters is located at 1625 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 910, Los Angeles, CA 90015.

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