Dallas SEO Web Design Firm The AXZM Group Starts 2012 With New Website

The Dallas SEO and web design firm The AXZM Group recently launched new company website aimed at providing resources for online marketers and web designers.

Online PR News – 14-January-2012 – dallas – Finally after rocking the same website since 2006 AXZM Dallas SEO Web Design decided it was time for a new facelift. This new website was created to set the standard for modern web design while also giving a new image to the AXZM brand.
In the web design industry there’s nothing more degrading than having an outdated website so you always have to update. Once your website gets outdated you can loose a lot of traction on your site as new and modern websites start popping up out the woodworks.

Things have changed a lot since the early days of the company. The traditional methods of conversion and search engine optimization have evolved so the company’s website had to adapt with the times also. The original website will still be updated and provide useful information in the blogs geared towards SEO and web design best practices. “The original axzm.com still performs well in search for targeted search terms so it would be pointless to scrap it and to make any drastic changes that could effect that.” says Greg Barrett the head of the SEO/Social Media arm of the company.

So the team of creatives decided that it would be beneficial to create a responsive, well designed website not so much geared towards the region but more internationally applying the latest web design techniques to create the best website they can to represent the brand. Being directed by Steve Floyd, AXZM’s founder and CEO, the team created the new AXZM Web Design website at: http://www.axzmdesign.com. The designs on the website were a collaboration of Ross Edman, the Art Director of AXZM Dallas SEO Web Design and Steve Floyd’s creative direction.

The new AXZM website’s blog will also provide many tips and tutorials just as the original website so for those looking to learn best practices and standards in modern web design and online marketing will still have a place to come to learn new methods. The company is founded on the principals of open source culture and they take pride in being able to help others and also have others contribute their ideas as well to help the web design and online marketing community as a whole.

AXZM Dallas SEO Web Design’s mission for the website is to be as much of a resource as the original website. Not just for business prospects but also for other companies in the same vertical. “It’s all about helping those around you and making the online marketing and web design industry a better place in general.” Says Greg Barrett. “Even if our competitors come to our website for useful information we are still helping them in the end right? And that can go a long way.”

If you would like to know more about SEO best practices and new techniques in modern web design feel free to check out both websites. You can find the original AXZM Dallas SEO Web Design blog here: http://www.axzm.com/blog and the new AXZM Web Design blog here: http://www.axzmdesign.com/blog .