New Politically Incorrect GPS Voice Help Drivers Laugh While Avoiding Ghettos Thanks To Microsoft

The controversial new Microsoft patent regarding a GPS technology that allows drivers to navigate around “ghettos” has a new companion voice with Jamal, the Ghetto Pimp from GPS Voice creator.

Online PR News – 17-January-2012 – – Microsoft recently took some controversial heat when it introduced a patented GPS technology that allows drivers to steer clear of unsafe neighborhoods, also known as “ghettos" pointing out areas with documented high crime rates.

Although it’s uncertain if this technology will appear in the GPS systems of drivers, consumers can already get their very own “virtual ghetto tour guide” from who created the voice of Jamal — the Ghetto Pimp. is the leading provider of funny, celebrity and culturally relevant GPS voices for Garmin and Tom Tom. “Jamal” happens to be one of the most popular voices that consumers routinely download.

virtual ghetto tour guide

“Jamal’s voice was designed to be a hilarious poke at overt stereotypes of what people think of in a ghetto pimp” one of PIGtones cofounders states. “His voice was designed to be a hilarious poke at overt stereotypes of what people think of in a ghetto pimp.”

“So it’s not politically correct…that’s why the P.I.G. in stands for ‘Politically Incorrect GPS Tones” he continues.
Jamal’s voice can prevent drivers from landing in a heap of trouble, although some drivers might need to be hip to the slang in order to understand which directions he’s actually giving.

A sample of Jamal’s voice can be heard here: Listen To GPS Voice Sample of Jamal

His explicit, but helpful directions are anything but politically correct. In the world of politically incorrect statements, one thing is certain: aims to make sure they are equal opportunity offenders., which is no stranger to “off color” language, celebrity voices, and even cultural stereotypes.

An offering like this would be especially valuable for drivers like Matt Walsh, a traveling salesman who often drives in unfamiliar areas.

“I love my PIG Tones voices. They keep me entertained during long days on the road,” Walsh said. “Jamal is one of my favorite voices. He cracks me up. I would love to hear him tell me how to avoid an unsavory neighborhood in a way only Jamal can. It’s just not worth it to drive into the wrong area unknowingly.” prides itself on giving drivers more “laughs per gallon.” “If someone doesn’t laugh and immediately want one, then they must not have a GPS system or else they’re missing a funny bone” the company president stated.

People can listen to all the GPS voice samples and download their own favorite voices by going to: and taking advantage of their 4 year anniversary sale on Tom Tom and Garmin voices. was founded by three friends in 2008 who were fed up with their boring GPS voice. The Dallas based company is now the leader in custom GPS Voices and aims to make driving fun again by letting drivers give their GPS a “politically incorrect" and yet entertaining navigation voice. Listen. Buy. Drive. Laugh!

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