Two Titans Combine; Brandfluent Digital and Brandammo Join Forces

Article on the combining of two of London's most exciting Web Design and Online Marketing agencies.

Online PR News – 12-January-2012 – London – A common pitiful found amongst web design agencies is that they often say they can offer SEO simply because clients show an interest. A client will come in, have a nice site built and then says “ooh that looks interesting, how does that SEO malarkey work?” The designers then piece together their limited knowledge for a 5/10 pitch and outsource, or just plain mess up, the service as they are too busy concerning themselves with building sites.

it is the fast paced and ever-changing nature of both our fields which is why we do not wish to dilute our skillset and focus

Such is not the practice of web design powerhouse Brandammo, who have an impressive catalogue of clients in testimony to their design and branding skills. So to avoid diluting their expertise and in order to assure that their clients are delivered to at a consistently high standard, they have teamed up with online marketing agency Brandfluent Digital, who now provide online marketing services spanning SEO; Social Media Optimisation; Pay-Per-Click and Conversion Rate Optimisation as complementary services. After having worked in collaboration on several clients the two decided to join forces, combining both agencies respective skills and providing their clients with a fully comprehensive service.

With the ever-changing space in the realms of search and design, it is necessary that those who profess to work in both fields are testing, developing and producing campaigns in accordance with the latest trends and algorithmic updates. Gone are the days of Link Farms, Backdoors and Keyword Spamming (rightly so too!) and now the field finds itself defined by innovation, shareable content, adaptability and the breadth to deliver content in several formats. It is exactly this requirement for breadth and thoroughness which makes this partnership so significant and a precedent for others in their fields. Brandammo director’s Tom and Bill Greaves have stated: “it is the fast paced and ever-changing nature of both our fields which is why we do not wish to dilute our skillset and focus”.

“By remaining faithful to design and working alongside the guys at Brandfluent Digital we can continue to deliver for our clients”. Managing Director of Brandfluent Digital, Jamie Bennett has worked with Brandammo for a number of years, a relationship which left him “...certain that this partnership was only ever going to be beneficial to both brands”. He explains further that”…we have so many of our clients inquire about design that it almost became a necessity to find someone who we can rely on to deliver to the standards we set ourselves. At the end of the day it is all about providing a thorough service, which makes online easy for your clients to be a part of and when it comes down to it, profit from”.

The future looks promising for these two agencies, which can now enter 2012 with a more thorough and complete arsenal of services. To specialise but still provide an impressive collection of expertise is in itself value, and perhaps indicative of how this increasingly progressive space ought to be tackled.

Brandfluent Digital are an online marketing agency based in Shoreditch, London. Specialising in Online Marketing, they offer the full spectrum of services, from PPC, Social Media Optimisation, Conversion rate Optimisation, Link Building and more.

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