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Online PR News – 13-January-2012 – – With recent reports that sitting too much during the working day could be damaging your health, leading office furniture providers Perfect Concepts are offering a wide range of office seating, including ergonomic chairs designed to help your posture.
It has been said that sitting for long periods of time can be damaging to a person’s health, as many people unknowingly sit in the same position, which can put strain on the muscles and joints. For those of us that work at office desk all day, sitting is simply unavoidable. Therefore, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the best option is to invest in some high quality office seating.
The exclusive range of ergonomic chairs Perfect Concepts are offering, come in a wide range of styles, colours and materials and allow users to sit in a number of different positions. As part of this new range, the office furniture suppliers are also offering orthopaedic office chairs, which provide comfort and support for those who suffer from chronic back pain.
The fact that you can recline these chairs, increase the seat area by pulling forward the seat slide and adjust the height and armrests, will keep the joints moving and supported, decreasing the risks of any aches and pains often caused by sitting in one position for long time periods. Unlike the average office chair, a large amount of these specially designed chairs come with head rests, which will help to prevent any neck problems occurring. Many of the chairs are also created with memory foam, a substance which has been proven to significantly help with back problems.
Perfect Concept’s range also includes office chairs specifically designed for the larger built worker and medically proven to increase blood flow and lung function, thereby improving concentration throughout the working day.
Surprisingly enough, these chairs are not the bulky unattractive designs that you might imagine. Perfect Concepts have followed their trend of producing stylish and modern office furniture, with a range of fashionable, quirky designs, from small, bucketed style leather seats, to the larger and cosier designs providing endless comfort.
Most of the average person’s life is spent in the working environment. Therefore, for a continuously healthy and happy office, choose perfect concepts’ high quality and affordable range of office chairs.
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