Singapore Hospice Council to hold Charity Gala Screening

Singapore Hospice Council to hold Charity Gala Screening to kick start 3 year Outreach Program with FLY Entertainment’s support

Online PR News – 14-January-2012 – – Singapore, 6 January 2012 – FLY Entertainment, the leading Entertainment group in Singapore is adopting the Singapore Hospice Council (SHC) as its charitable organization by supporting SHC’s 3-year Community Outreach Programme to reach out to the general public.

A project dear to her heart, Ms Irene Ang, Founder and CEO of FLY Entertainment recalled that in 1996 she could not work as she had to take care of her sick grandmother, who passed away the following year. “I would like the public to find out more about hospice, and know the various help available including intensive nursing, medical inputs, day care and support from the hospice association and council.” Ms Ang said. “With Singapore’s ageing population, many people have misconceptions about hospice. The fact is, it is the place to live, to live your best last leg." she added.

SHC is the umbrella body for providers of hospice and palliative care, focusing on maximizing quality of life and achieving the patient’s own goals in the time that remains. 2012 sees FLY Entertainment and SHC enter an exciting and challenging phase in the advancement of hospice and palliative care in Singapore together.

Putting FLY Entertainment’s influence behind SHC will help to garner greater awareness amongst the general public about the misconceptions we hold on to about hospice care. SHC recently launched a new logo that encompasses an image of 3-hearts uniting around a dot motif. The 3-hearts signify loving care for those around us, a caring heart for the caregivers in hospice care and the last heart signifies a compassionate heart and the ability to share in the sufferings or troubles of another, be it the patient or the family. The 3-hearts also represent the 3 different types of hospice care services – In-patient, Day and Home hospice care. The dot motif embedded within the 3 hearts represents the patient, surrounded by the three types of hearts that is essential in hospice care and the 3 types of hospice care available to all patients.

In a bid to raise hospice awareness, SHC is having a Charity Gala Screening of on 13th January 2012, Friday. Graced by FLY Entertainment artistes to show their support to FLY and SHC’s cause, the screening will be held at Shaw Theatres Lido, 350 Orchard Road, Shaw House. Excited about the screening, Ms Ang promises that the screening will be the “first of many initiatives that FLY Entertainment and SHC will roll out together to help improve the state of hospice and palliative care in Singapore.”