Infosec Technologies launches 8MAN v4.0 for transparent enterprise-level privilege management

8MAN v4.0 from, the complete solution for all Active Directory access rights control and user management, now includes configurable logging, SharePoint support and role based templates

Online PR News – 14-January-2012 – – Infosec Technologies, one of the UK’s leading implementers of information security solutions and services, today announced the UK launch of 8MAN v4.0, the latest Active Directory access rights control and user management solution from This latest version now includes:

• Flexible and configurable logging of all user activity
• Full SharePoint support
• Central log book which tracks all changes
• Role based user and group management via templates

Infosec Technologies Managing Director, Pete Sherwood commented: “The most commonly asked questions by our customers are: How do I know which users have access to what data? How can I find out who deleted, modified or moved data? When we send data outside the business, how do I control what happens to it? With 8MAN we can answer all these questions and more.”

8MAN is the complete solution for all access rights and user management tasks providing a completely unique visualisation of Active Directory structures via the 8MAN graph. Permission structures can be as complex as each individual organisation, which is why the software is focussed on providing accurate and completely customisable views to visualise each relationship and grouping.

Steven Bennett, Head of Channel UK, commented: “We introduced 8MAN into the UK market earlier this year and the tremendous interest in this solution has been overwhelming. As such, we are delighted to now be able to offer even more functionality and enhanced access rights management templates and tools.”

Infosec Technologies has delivered over four hundred IT Security projects in the last five years and has partnerships with both established and new IT security vendors. Extensive experience in the design, implementation and support of security and infrastructure solutions allows Infosec Technologies to meet their clients’ specific requirements whilst maintaining the highest levels of customer service and technical support.

The solution: 8MAN
8MAN is a platform for efficient, transparent enterprise-level privilege management. It shows the Active Directory structure in Microsoft environments in a clear, easy to follow display and provides a simple overview of privileges in general, for individual directories or for groups of directories and of group compositions. There is also a visual display of duplicate privileges and the routes by which users have inherited these privileges.

When assigning privileges, 8MAN is able to take into account existing workflows within the organisation. The company’s internal organisational structure can be mapped and used as the basis for creating groups, e.g. by location, department or cost centre. Domains, shares and directories can optionally be assigned to file owners, specialist departments or the helpdesk. In this case, changes can be made by data owners directly, reducing the burden on the IT department, with freely definable rules, implemented automatically, ensuring conformity to the specifications laid down by the IT administrator. The ease of operability of 8MAN ensures that even data owners with no specific IT knowledge are able to assign and manage privileges.
The clear presentation of privileges makes it easy for administrators to detect and fix configuration errors or to correct inappropriately assigned privileges. Because 8MAN also analyses and displays group structure correlations, it makes it easy to resolve duplicate or conflicting privileges.

Precise tracking of all user and directory-related changes ensures that all changes are fully traceable. This data is suitable for exporting to other applications, such as identity management systems, or for preparing reports.

The new “Logga” functionality now includes the ability to see not only who can access your data, but also get a historical report of who actually did access data and which actions were performed with it. This forensic capability now gives you the ability to compare theory and practice and ensure that all of your data is kept on a “need to know” basis.

Berlin-based GmbH was founded in 2009 and develops integrated solutions for privilege management in server environments for enterprises in all sectors and for government agencies.

All its software products are based on an innovative approach to integrated data security management, which offers businesses uniform, automated privilege management. This saves users time and money and provides enhanced protection against unauthorised internal access. The continuous growth of our distribution network through the recruitment of partners confirms the potential of the market for privilege management. will be continuing its international expansion in 2012.

About Infosec Technologies:
Founded in 2005, Infosec Technologies is still run by its two founders Pete Sherwood and Steven Malone. Having proven themselves as technical experts in the field of IT Security they established Infosec Technologies as a technically-led IT Security reseller with a mandate to not only keep their clients‘ secure, but to enable them to maximise the benefits of their investment in security technology and thereby help to minimise both risk and costs.

Infosec Technologies has delivered over 400 projects to organisations looking to protect their valuable information assets. Providing a comprehensive range of cloud, on-premise and hybrid technologies, Infosec Technologies implements and supports innovative solutions across all vertical sectors and size of organisation.