IKMF is Offering VIP Protection Bodyguard Course

International Krav Maga Federation or IKMF is offering VIP Protection Bodyguard Course. The federation is imparting training in 25 countries worldwide with a mission to distribute the craft of Krav Maga to all sectors of society.

Online PR News – 14-January-2012 – – Azor, IL, 11 January 2012 : International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) is offering VIP Protection Bodyguard Course. It also offers professional courses for civilian, military and law enforcement officers. The federation has a experienced team of security consultants and instructors.

Talking about the importance of the course a senior instructor said, “Professional VIP protection is needed to ensure the safety of those under threat, anywhere on the globe. Our course framework gives a high level education in the field of VIP security and close protection. During the course you will be instructed by a team of high quality professionals. We will give you an experience that you will never forget.”

The international levels of the VIP protection course are Bronze Shield, Silver Shield, Gold Shield and Platinum Shield. The course fee for Bronze Shield is 890 euros, for Silver Shield it is 1790 euros. The charge for Gold Shield is 2500 euros and the Platinum Shield costs 4500 euros. To participate in the course, specific credentials and recommendations are also needed.

The senior instructor further added, “The common VIP security system is usually based on the idea of protection circles. Depending upon the stature of the VIP, three protection circles can be made around the VIP. These are called distant, median and close circles.”

The distant circle is usually the easiest to penetrate and its purpose is mostly for deterring. This circle usually consists of law enforcement personnel that scan the crowd and look for known suspects. The median circle is formed to reject unauthorized persons from reaching the close circle. The outcome of utilizing the median circle is that, it creates a sterile zone between itself and the close circle. The close circle is the last line of defense and is used to protect the VIP by first protecting him physically and then removing him from danger zone. This is done using the human shield more and less by technological means.

Krav maga techniques make a person mentally ready for adverse situations and train him to react in the right way with the right state of mind. They involve defending attacks, making counter attacks, defending oneself against knife and pistol threat. In VIP protection these techniques are used to protect someone else other than oneself.

About The Organization:

International Krav Maga Federation or IKMF is one of the leading organizations imparting professional training in krav maga techniques. It was founded by Imrich Sde-Or, a former Chief Instructor at the IDF School of Combat Fitness, Israel.

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Email: aurora@kravmaga.co.il
For detailed information please visit, http://kravmaga-ikmf.com/