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Creator of, an online resource for planning Jewish events, says that a lot of planning goes into a brit milah celebration.

Online PR News – 10-January-2012 – New York, New York – “Traditionally, the brit milah, or Jewish circumcision ceremony, is held on the eighth day of the baby's life, and is frequently held in the morning,” According to Cigall Goldman, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of mazelmoments
(" target="_blank" class="highlight_link" rel="nofollow">, a website dedicated to helping members of the Jewish community plan perfect celebrations. “There are, however, some cases where a bris may need to be postponed because of certain health concerns.” Ultimately, a doctor or the mohel will have to make that determination.

“Finding and securing a mohel to perform the circumcision is the most important step in planning a child’s brit milah,” Goldman explains. “Today, there are mohels available from all of the major facets of Judaism and there are a growing number of medical doctors and midwives who are also trained to perform Jewish circumcisions.”

A traditional way to find a mohel for a bris is for the parents to consult their rabbi or ask friends and family for recommendations. However, today more families are looking beyond the scope of word of mouth and researching mohels online, where they can also compare the mohels' backgrounds and training and read reviews. “At mazelmoments, for example, you can search through a database of profiles for mohels, including rabbis, cantors, physicians, and midwives,” she explains, “and choose the one that is right for you.”

Of course, another important decision, according to Goldman, is where to hold the bris ceremony.

“Families can choose to have a brit milah ceremony take place in their synagogue,” Goldman says. “If your home is large enough, you may choose to host it there, particularly if you would like to make the ceremony more comfortable for your newborn. Many times this can add a more personal feel to the ceremony and celebration as well.”

Goldman notes that once the location for the event, as well as the mohel, have been chosen, there are many other considerations.

“Depending on the number of guests, parents may want to hire a caterer. If the ceremony is being held in a synagogue the caterer must serve kosher food in accordance with the temple's policies.” says Goldman. “Families may also want to consider hiring a professional photographer for the event. In addition, there are many options for decorations, including flowers and balloons. For ideas on decorating with balloons, see "5 Tips for an Amazing Bris or Baby Naming Celebration." You can also download mazelmoments' free Bris and Baby Naming Budget Tool

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