WhereYouShop Wins CIMA Star Award for Best Overall Web Site

The Chicago Interactive Marketing Association (CIMA) honors WhereYouShop, a deals website focused on user-customized shopping areas, with its Best Overall Website award.

Online PR News – 11-January-2012 – – The Chicago Interactive Market Association (CIMA) recognizes deals website, WhereYouShop, as their 2011 Star Award Winner for Best Overall Website.

“On behalf of CIMA, we would like to congratulate all of our 2011 award winners,” said Cary Goss, President of CIMA and Vice President of Sales & Business Development at Adobe. “Each one of these professionals has done an excellent job in further evolving and growing the Chicago digital marketplace.”

WhereYouShop President, Dante Monteverde, says his team is honored by this accolade.

“We’ve worked tirelessly to make innovative contributions to the online community including: patent-pending software that allows users to customize their shopping areas; the ability to search for deals on demand; our green initiatives; and our promotional efforts such as our dozen-plus mall kiosks throughout Illinois and Wisconsin and our popular 2011 Lollapalooza giveaway,” said Monteverde.

“Acknowledgements like this will go a long way in building our brand, but our evolving business model will go even further.”

Monteverde says WhereYouShop has added several new concepts since being nominated for this award.

“We’ve launched MY Deals Magazine, a regionally based glossy print publication that offers a hands-on, offline experience to anyone looking to save money,” said Monteverde. “It’s free for subscribers and has a subscriber base of 45,000 that grows by more than 650 new subscribers daily.
“Most recently, we’ve deployed new software, which allows WhereYouShop to show vendors every penny it has spent on their behalf to gain new, genuine consumers who have clearly defined their business location as an area they most frequently visit. We’re doing everything we can to keep local dollars, local, including assigning half of our commission rate to these local, promotional efforts.”

Monteverde says this new software works hand in hand with WhereYouShop’s green initiatives, which include planting 20 trees on a subscriber’s behalf when they refer 10 purchasing friends over the course of one year.

“It’s up to all of us to reduce our carbon footprint and to stimulate the local economy, but our business model can help.” said Monteverde. “It’s simple—buying local is good for the environment and if more vendors promote local, more consumers will buy local.

“Continuing to be recognized for all these efforts will be beneficial for WhereYouShop, our vendors, our subscribers and the digital marketplace. We can’t thank CIMA enough for recognizing our contributions. We look forward to living up to this honor in 2012 and beyond.”

For more information on WhereYouShop, visit www.whereyoushop.com.