Drishti launches Ameyo Agent-Assisted IVR API

Taking the concept of self and assisted customer service to the next level, Drishti launches a more controlled and standardized form of customer interactions with Ameyo Agent-Assisted IVR API.

Online PR News – 11-January-2012 – – Assisted customer interactions take a new face with more power being given to the agents via Ameyo Agent-Assisted IVR API. The solution takes inspiration from processes like surveys or feedback collection where much of the agent-side conversation is repetitive in nature. With the help of this agent-assisted API, the system would be empowered with customizations in the form of pre-recorded voice prompts with multi-media operations to control their exact positioning in a live conversation.

Ameyo Agent-Assisted IVR API is particularly beneficial for BPOs in Tier 2 or Tier 3 areas where skill upgrade of the agents is a major requirement to improve service quality levels. A separate set of agents armed with the right skill-set can pre-record IVR messages and the low-skilled agents can then pick-n-choose the prompts to be played while receiving a call. In cases when an agent fails to address to the customers’, Ameyo Agent-Assisted IVR API empowers them to route the call to skilled agents.

Talking about the advantages of Ameyo Agent-Assisted IVR API, Sachin Bhatia, VP-Business Development, Drishti-Soft says- “The new feature allows the agent to gain a better control over customer interactions as well as maintain the quality of the service by relying on automation while limiting the amount of human intervention. With automatic voice logging of interactions, Ameyo Agent-Assisted IVR API ensures authentic customer responses, thereby validating the interactions.”

Ameyo Agent-Assisted IVR API, as a solution comes packed with a number of benefits. By reducing manual intervention, it eliminates any scope of errors, brings uniformity in interaction processes and increases the ease of use for the agents. Additionally, it improves call completions rates, allows for more effective agent segmentation, reduces costs, and improves customer satisfaction.

About Drishti:
Drishti is a leading provider of Contact Center Software and Enterprise Communications Applications. Drishti offers communications solutions that empower enterprises to dynamically manage Business Processes, Interactions, Workforce and Service Levels on emerging Unified Communications (IP Telephony, Unified Messaging, Conferencing, Presence Management, and Application Collaboration), SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), and SaaS (Software as a service). Cutting-edge technologies from Drishti have been designed to add value to the businesses and pave way for a structured growth. Their customers enjoy significant benefits in terms of increase in efficiency levels, reduction in operational costs, flexibility to grow, consistent user experience and a demonstrable ROI.