How to Start Affiliate Marketing Guide Released on Kindle

A guide on how to start affiliate marketing is now launched on Kindle. This guide is written by an actual affiliate marketer who explains the concept step by step

Online PR News – 11-January-2012 – – Sacramento, CA (onlineprnews) January 9, 2012 - A guide to help people on affiliate marketing strategies has been launched on Kindle. This guide tells how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners( ). The beginners guide to affiliate marketing is written by an actual affiliate marketer- Monica McCloud. Beginners can learn the entire process step by step, and thus need little or no experience.

There are clear definitions for each and every term, and free paid resources to kick start the process. The author has made a conscious effort to cut through the technical jargons and elucidate the system in a manner that is understood by all.

The book has already found a favorable audience among many who would love to enter the arena, but didn't know how to start affiliate marketing( ). "…I've found this book which is a perfect overview without being too techie or too advanced," says Sheila Jackson who was overwhelmed the other online resources available elsewhere.

The book is divided into four logical chapters; introduction about affiliate marketing, help with niche selection, choosing a topic, and product creation. It is widely believed that more than 78 % of people accept the benefits that are to be accrued by affiliate marketing, but now not everyone is ready to take the plunge into this field. Ignorance of the process is largely believed to be responsible for this.

"My book is a serious attempt to teach people how to learn affiliate marketing( ). I have provided honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences on topics and products related to the subject. There are rare cases where products are mentioned. But this is mention is only after I have personally used and reviewed the products. But through the book, my effort is to provide an unbiased report of the marketing strategy," says Monica. McCloud, the author.

In a constantly evolving world where traditional brick and mortar businesses are giving way to online retailing, affiliate marketing or referral programs are a sure shot way to experience success. All that is needed is a high quality product that is to be promoted, and help on effective strategies to attract visitors.

About the book: The book is a straight forward beginner's guide released through Kindle. It is written by an actual affiliate marketer and explains the process in a step by step manner.

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