EssayEmpire launches new service for college students

EssayEmpire, a premium essay writing service, now offers new service – persuasive essay writing. EssayEmpire helps students worldwide to manage their time and academic workload.

Online PR News – 31-January-2010 – – The company believes that adding this new service will benefit all the customers seeking quality essay writing services for reasonable prices.

Persuasion is a heart of all academic writing. In a certain extent the purpose of all college writing is to convince someone of student’s point of view. This is why the first paragraph of persuasive essay must contain thesis statement that gives the writer’s opinion. In persuasive essays, like in all essays, the body paragraphs provide arguments or reasons for that particular point of view that the student has.

People can disagree about many things. They can disagree about how many cars were sold last year, about the policies of newly elected president or prime minister, or what the best music style is. But none of these topics will make an A-grade persuasive essay. The first two topics are about facts, and usually the statements about facts are either right or wrong. The third topic is a matter of personal taste, and no matter how they are presented, persuasive arguments cannot change someone’s tastes of personal beliefs.

When students write the persuasive essays, they should choose a topic carefully, so that the point of view of the potential reader of the essay (usually the teacher or professor) can be influenced by the arguments provided. Additionally, the student must have his or her own distinctive opinion about the issue and provide it clearly. Legal issues provide good examples of such topics. What should be the legal drinking age? Should some state legalize marijuana? Should capital punishment be tolerated? If a student cannot see the two sides to an issue chosen, than it will not provide a good topic for a persuasive essay.

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