Lighting Ever Announces the Introduction of a Eco-Friendly 7-Watt LED Light Bulb

Lighting EVER 7 watt led light bulb is about 500lm in warm white, which can replace 60W incandescent bulb.Shape is standard A19 with standard medium screw. It's brightest LED bulbs with similar price.

Online PR News – 11-January-2012 – – Las Vegas, Nevada -- Lighting EVER ( has announced the introduction of eco- friendly friendly 7 watt led warm white light bulbs. These bulbs have been designed to replace the conventional technology found in 60 watt incandescent light bulbs. They are being released at a low price to make them more affordable for every application.

The Lighting EVER 7 is designed to replace 60W incandescent bulbs. Their shape is standard A19 with a standard medium screw. The same brightness of a 60W incandescent is now available using only 7W. LED bulbs produced by Lighting EVER will save the consumer approximately 80% - 90% in energy costs. This is the brightest and highest quality led bulb available with pricing similar to their competitors.

These led lights are direct replacements to current bulb choices. The size is comparable to an incandescent bulb, and the screw base is standard to the industry.

By having a lifespan of 30,000 hours, there is no cost comparison to the traditional incandescent light bulb. They do not flicker as many of the compact fluorescent bulbs do and they are eco-friendly. The impact to the environment will be massive. This new generation of led light bubls contain no mercury, UV, or IR making them an excellent replacement, thus eliminating the damage caused by previous generations of lighting alternatives.

The ban on incandescent light bulbs has been gaining momentum since 2007, with the ban scheduled to take effect in 2012. This date has been pushed back due to government constraints. This setback has not, however, changed the urgency to change lighting technology that has only progressed minimally in over 125 years. The changes in lighting are still important, but will not be mandated as scheduled. Funding has been eliminated, but the industry has already begun the change. This allows the consumer to make a slower transition to LED lighting, but does not minimize the importance of this transition.

One of the biggest concerns to manufacturers is that non-compliant incandescent bulbs will still be available and the need for the eco-friendly, energy efficient LED replacements will not be enforced. This will create a competitive disadvantage for companies producing LED replacements. It will now be up to the consumer to make the right decisions about conserving energy and protecting the environment.

According to the natural Resources Defense Council ( incandescent light bulbs are far from efficient. The technology of LED lights will create many benefits to the consumer. In America, each household that replaces all of their incandescent light bulbs will notice a reduction in their electric bills immediately. It is estimated that when every home in America changes to the LED light bulbs, the savings in energy will be approximately equal to 30 power plants. There will also be further savings in carbon pollution, estimated to equal that of more than 17 million cars annually.