Study Reveals Most Websites are not Optimized for Google Caffeine

Independent study reveals most Websites are not optimized for Google Caffeine resulting in missed opportunities to gain an advantage over the competition.

Online PR News – 31-January-2010 – – SEO Internet Marketing firm Irbtrax recently completed a random analysis of Business to Business and Business to Consumer websites and found that over 85% were not optimized to benefit from the Google Caffeine update. Equally important, most were ignoring the valuable opportunities and features being presented by Caffeine. Caffeine is the most comprehensive Google Search Engine application since 2006.

According to Ibtrax founder Scott Moir-

"It really boils down to a case of businesses and individuals failing to take advantage of the multitude of opportunities that Caffeine presents. Opportunities that if properly applied will distance themselves from their competition."

Among the chief concerns discovered were the following:

A shortage of updated, new, or unique website content.
Lack of properly and effectively constructed META Tags.
Absence of quality outbound links related to the site's theme.
Poorly formatted internal linking and no formal Siloing techniques.
No Social Media involvement or Bookmark sharing icons where applicable.
Serious issues with page/site download times when measured using Y2K-XT Testing.

For additional details on how you can optimize your web marketing efforts for Google Caffeine view the below article and feel free to contact Irbtrax:


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