Evaporté from Beauté de Paris Designed to Reduce Appearance of Dark Circles

Start the New Year off with beautiful and youthful looking eyes. Reduce the appearance of unattractive dark circles and puffy under eye bags

Online PR News – 09-January-2012 – – Dark circles and under eye bags are a less than attractive side effect of the continuous rounds of Holiday and end of the year festivities. Late nights, lots of make-up, an increased intake of alcohol and festive fatty foods all affect circulation and can make the skin around the eyes look dull and lackluster.

Beauté de Paris has an intensive solution for the appearance of dark circles and under eye bags in their non-sticky, easy-to-use eye serum, Evaporté. Clinically tested by independent AMA laboratories to improve the appearance of tone of the skin in the eye area and general eye puffiness in just weeks, Evaporté has been scientifically researched and in clinical tests was shown to reduce the appearance of dark circles by 60% and look of under eye bags by 40% in just four weeks and 78% overall after eight weeks. Evaporté also acts as long-lasting preventative measure, discouraging the formation of dark circles and under eye bags.

Women are now able to enjoy the appearance of firmer, more radiant and younger looking skin in 2012 thanks to Beauté de Paris’ Evaporté’s continuous, elastic and smooth film which acts on the surface of the skin. The serum has also been designed to help protect skin against damage from free radicals and oxidation, thereby assisting in discouraging signs of aging in the eye area. Apply Evaporté morning and night by gently massaging the cream around the eye contours with the ring finger until it has been completely absorbed. After application, the eye region appears gently smoothed and immediately looks brightened, making the eyes appear less tired and dull.

Evaporté has been meticulously formulated and carefully tested and has not been tested on animals. It contains no parabans and is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, ensuring that the sensitive eye area skin is gently nourished with this fast-acting formula.

Purchase a single bottle of Beauté de Paris’ Evaporté for $79.99 for one bottle or for a limited time, $129.99 for two bottles.


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