Vericoz by Beauté de Paris Developed to Reduce Appearance of Spider Veins

Get Rid of Spider Veins Before Spring? Say Goodbye to the Appearance of Ugly Spider Veins with Vericoz

Online PR News – 09-January-2012 – – Vericoz is the fast, easy way to say goodbye to the appearance of ugly spider veins. Help improve leg apearance with the tested ingredients in Vericoz. Clinically tested ingredients in Vericoz vein cream help appearance of varicose veins. The result is a more even looking skin tone. Skin appears lighter, brighter and becomes radiant. Those with unsightly varicose veins will see the appearance of smooth, even skin on the legs or any area applied with Vericoz.

Spring is just around the corner. Imagine showing off smooth, gorgeous legs that appear free of spider veins or broken capillaries? Walking around in a skirt or shorts is easy with legs that have been applied with Vericoz. Vericoz is the innovative, breakthrough cream applied to improve appearance of spider veins. Even the darkest blue and purple varicose veins saw improved appearance with the ingredients clinically tested in this formula. Studies of key ingredients showed a 21.5% decrease in the appearance of skin blotches and look of redness was reduced by 25%. Those who suffer from a heavy feeling in the legs due to broken and clogged capillaries will experience a lighter, relaxed feeling through the legs. That’s the perfect feeling to kick off Spring!

For best results, use Vericoz morning and night. Apply a quarter-sized amount on the affected area. Rub Vericoz over spider veins and broken capillaries, until the skin has completely absorbed this rich, nourishing cream. Massaging Vericoz twice daily will help to aid circulation and promote an improved appearance. The desired results are the look of smooth, bright legs with nearly non-detectable veining.

Vericoz is packed with high quality ingredients for diminishing the appearance of spider veins. A vitamin K derivative and researched anti-inflammatory agents help to smooth out the appearance of skin tone within a few weeks of usage. Skip the costly and uncomfortable shots or laser procedures for improving the look of spider veins. With Vericoz, this can be achieved in your own home, on your own time for a fraction of the price.

For a special introductory offer, for up to a month supply for $99. A 3 month supply is $199.99. Buy Vericoz and say goodbye to the appearance of spider veins by Spring’s arrival. Learn more about Vericoz at


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