It's Natural! SoClean Revolutionizes CPAP Sanitizing Process

Better Rest Solutions launches first of its kind hands-free CPAP sanitizing unit

Online PR News – 11-January-2012 – – UXBRIDGE, MASS--Better Rest Solutions announced today the release of its SoClean hands-free CPAP machine sanitizing unit. Using its natural OxitizeTM process the first of its kind SoClean will revolutionize the way in which people who suffer from sleep apnea clean and maintain their CPAP machines.

Over 18 million Americans are diagnosed with sleep apnea-as many as who have diabetes. Nearly 80 percent of them use CPAP machines to manage their sleep apnea.

The key to successfully managing sleep apnea is to consistently use the CPAP machine every night. One of the challenges to using the CPAP machine is keeping it clean. Surveys indicate that over 62 percent of respondents view cleaning their CPAP machines as "a necessary evil" and over 92 percent would prefer an easier process to sanitizing their CPAP machines.

"The SoClean allows for daily, hands-free sanitizing of CPAP machines," said the SoClean inventor
Timothy Leyva. "Having a freshly-sanitized CPAP machine will prevent bacteria build-up helping to avoid respiratory infections and make for a significantly better user experience."

A sleep apnea sufferer himself, Leyva added, "Knowing that the CPAP is always clean, ready, and safe to use increases the likelihood that sleep apnea sufferers will wear it every night."

What is the OxitizeTM Process?
The SoClean CPAP sanitizing unit is an easy, natural and safe way to daily sanitize CPAP machines. Each morning the CPAP mask is placed in the SoClean. Using a natural science called the OxitizeTM process, activated oxygen is used to sanitize and disinfect mold, bacteria, viruses, and much more. Activated oxygen is different than the normal oxygen that we breathe because it is comprised of three oxygen molecules. These molecules become a chemically reactive oxidizing agent that acts as a naturally safe and powerful disinfectant.

How does the OxitizeTM Process work?
The SoClean CPAP sanitizing unit generates activated oxygen and then pumps it through the CPAP reservoir, hose, and mask. Within minutes, the CPAP unit is completely sanitized, eradicating any mold and bacteria that may exist in the crevasses of the equipment. Using a natural sanitizing process, well-known and used in both the food industry and in water treatment, sanitizing the entire system is as easy as placing the mask in the SoClean and walking away.

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