'Strong is the new Skinny' - JNL Fusion Training Method is arriving in Berlin!

JNL Fusion is the fitness trend to watch in 2012. After the annual JNL Fusion conference in Miami, Catherine Piot will bring this fitness revolution to Berlin and show people in Germany how to transform their bodies with this great workout method.

Online PR News – 09-January-2012 – – The reason that JNL Fusion is so in demand and is revolutionizing the fitness and weight loss world is because the method combines many elements that are essential to a variety of people. It is an exercise program that fills the gap for people looking for strength and muscle-building exercises that don't need expensive and heavy-duty equipment. Many of the exercises just demand a pair of light dumbbells, a jump rope and a stopwatch. That's because the exercises use the strength and weight of your own body, which also means that many of the exercises can be done at home.

Catherine Piot will be attending the annual JNL Fusion Training conference in Miami, Florida this month in order to become a Master Trainer of JNL Fusion Training and will bring the method to Berlin. At the event, Jennifer Nicole Lee hand-picks the people she thinks are ready to be ambassadors for the Training Method across the globe. This will mean that, come February, people of Berlin can join in the trend that has already taken over the States.

Catherine Piot is a personal trainer with over 20 years of experience in helping all sorts of people to lose weight and build muscle. She is an international author and has trained across the world to become qualified and experienced in a diversity of fitness and exercise styles.

The fact that the JNL Fusion Method is possible to do at home is one of the main reasons that Catherine Piot is such a big fan of the technique. She claims that 'I have lived around Europe and am aware that many people live in small apartments and will not have the space to have their own gym or the time to do loads of challenging workouts. I want people around Berlin to learn about the JNL Fusion Training Method so that they are able to build muscle, lose weight and look great.

More information about Catherine Piot can be found from her website http://www.catherinepiot.com.