Can I Have Some Mohanik" Tour: Mongol Garage Rock Touring China - January 12-15

Mongolian garage rockers will be touring China January 12th through 15th, playing Hohhot, Beijing, Ningbo, and Shanghai. This is their second tour of China.

Online PR News – 11-January-2012 – – "Can I Have Some Mohanik Tour 2011"

Thursday, January 12 - Hohhot - NING Livehouse w/DJ B.O
Friday, January 13 - Beijing - D-22 w/Moon Tyrant, DJ B.O
Saturday, January 14 - Ningbo - CMK Livehouse w/DJ B.O
Sunday, January 15 - Shanghai - Yuyintang w/Banana Monkey, Moon Tyrant, Horde, B.O

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Mohanik is a garage rock/punk band from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. After forming in 2004 and playing club gigs around their native city, they had a breakout year in 2009. Their playing tightened up, revealing an infectious pop side to their thorough punk passion. Due to their new confidence, their shows generated a lot of buzz, culminating in a win for "Best Alternative/Punk Band" at the 2009 Mongolian Underground Music Awards (MUMA). They also released two singles on a the Hi-Fi Label Presents... Underground Sessions compilation. Their songs proved quite popular, especially Moritoi Ch Boloosio. They followed with the release of their debut album, 100-N Undaa (100 Tugrik Soda). In April 2011, the band made their international debut in Shanghai, playing two raucous shows in Shanghai as part of Trash A Go-Go. In July 2011, the band played in support of Shanghai bands Boys Climbing Ropes, The Horde, and Moon Tyrant on their tour of Mongolia.

Dawaajargal - Vocals/Guitar
Tsogt - Vocals/Lead Guitar
Enerelt - Bass
Badser - Drums

"Mohanik is a rocking good band bursting with a youthful rebellion and infectious, carefree energy. They're also some really cool dudes. Touring Mongolia with them was a pleasure."
-Ho-Tom the Conqueror (Tom Mangione), singer/guitarist of The Horde

"Mohanik's on-stage energy is only surpassed by the warmth and friendliness they showed us throughout our tour in Mongolia. I'd let them babysit my future children anytime."
-Ivan Belcic, vocalist of Moon Tyrant and Death to Giants

Moon Tyrant: Shanghai hard rock/heavy metal band with shredding riffs and throat tearing vocals. The band can crash heavy ahead but can swing when the moment catches them. Check out their album Future Superhuman. They toured Mongolian with Mohanik, but this is their first show in Beijing.

DJ B.O: He rebels against people who DJ because they are afraid to dance in public. He will sing and dance to provoke movement. He is somewhere between vaudeville and Warhol. Featuring vintage-hits and forgotten favorites, he thinks dance music is for pussies but The Shanghri-Las are fucking artists, man. Tech? NO.

Brian Offenther/DJ B.O