New insider’s guide to Paris restaurants is published as an Amazon eBook

A new insider’s guide to Paris restaurants, ‘Gourmet Paris On A Shoestring,’ has just been published as an Amazon eBook.

Online PR News – 11-January-2012 – – The aim of the guide is to help visitors to Paris save money and time when eating out in the city. It will help diners avoid a kind of disappointment that is a common experience for visitors to the French capital.

One of the most problematic aspects of eating out in Paris is that standards and value for money vary enormously. This is largely due to the fact that Paris, being the world’s leading tourist city, has a huge captive market of visitors who are here today, gone tomorrow. So restaurants, particularly in tourist areas, are prone to dishing out culinary mediocrities at eyebrow-lifting prices.

Over the last number of years the authors have spent a lot of time eating out in Paris. Two of them live in the city and the other is a frequent visitor. They have dined in hundreds of restaurants across the city. But they have returned time and time again to just 14 restaurants that are featured in the guide. They have found them to be exceptional for value, quality of food, service and atmosphere—tried and tested establishments with prices that will pleasantly surprise.

Authentic and insightful, this budget-friendly guide to gourmet Paris gives the inside track on a delightful element of Parisian life that is rarely discovered by visitors to this wonderful city.

About The Authors
Eddie Lennon is editor and chief writer of Gourmet Paris On A Shoestring. An experienced journalist and travel writer, he is also editor of the award-winning guide Wonderful Havana. He is a frequent visitor to Paris.

Nina Louchard is from Paris. An addict of eating out, she enjoys sharing her knowledge of Paris with others—simply, she says, because she likes sharing...and people.

Kristen Dorman is an Australian lawyer. She has lived in Paris for the past five years. Having travelled extensively in Africa and Asia, the restaurants she visits reflect her attempts to rediscover the flavours discovered during her travels.