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Explore a non-biased approach to some of the most popular diet plans. View healthy recipes, food lists and fitness information.

Online PR News – 08-January-2012 – – It’s that time of year when many have decided to lose weight and eat healthier. Breaking out the exercise equipment and doing some research in hopes to find a diet plan to follow. During research many find there are hundreds and even thousands of diets to choose from, with some free plans and some that need to be purchased.

Free Diet Source has recently posted information on some of the most recent popular diet plans. Read important information, view videos and also look at what other resources are saying about these particular diets. Brows through diet specific food lists, discover healthy recipes and see which diets incorporate healthy workouts. What sets Free Diet Source apart is the non-biased approach. “Articles and information are written from what is trending in certain topics. We do not sell any particular diet or promote these diets in any way. We want to give you the information necessary to make a valid decision and explore the plans that are right for you,” explains the Free Diet Source staff. Since the site is not affiliated with any specific diet plan, this helps to keep all information accurate while offing every reader resources and opinions from all corners of the web.

“We do offer a web-store that is powered by Amazon allowing readers to research diet programs, fitness equipment and books. However our real goal is to educate our readers on health, diets, fitness and everything in-between,” adds the staff of Free Diet Source.

Here are a few of today’s most popular diet programs explained by Free Diet Source.
The PINK Method, The Paleo Caveman Diet, The Mediterranean Diet.

About [Free Diet Source] Everybody is different and the a weight loss or diet plan that works for one, may not be the answer for all. It's about doing your research. Don't just listen to one source's opinion, search out and see what others are saying. One important difference between Free Diet Source and other websites, is most want you to stay on their site and only take-in their information. We of course want you to explore ours, but others also. This is the reason why many of our pages offer links to other sources on the web that also have reviews and opinions on particular topics. We have no affiliation with most of these other sites. We just want to offer other information and opinions that may be relevant or even in some cases different from our own. This will help you make a more educated decision when planning your diet goals and weight loss plan.