Steve Sommer, M.D., Ph.D., Founder, OncoMOTOR to Present Investor Opportunities at OneMedForum 2012

OncoMOTOR is a new company focused on developing highly sensitive diagnostic tests that can be used in either the doctor’s office or hospital to enable the very early diagnosis of cancer.

Online PR News – 07-January-2012 – – San Francisco, CA - Dr. Steve Sommer will discuss investment opportunities with OncoMOTOR at OneMedForum 2012 on Wed., January 11th at 11:40 a.m., held at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Francisco.

"The Company has harnessed the ability to track the effects of therapy on cancer patients, and utilizes NextGen sequencing to identify a "signature" of somatic mutations within a cancer," says Dr. Sommer. The enabling technology, invented by Dr. Sommer and licensed by OncoMOTOR, is Pyrophosphorolysis Activated Polymerization (PAP) which can often detect mutations at one part in a million or better. Personalized PAP assays can be developed to detect cancer signatures in plasma, the cellular component of blood, or another accessible tissue, and these signatures can reveal cancers anywhere in the body at sizes below the detection threshold of state of the art imaging methods, according to Dr. Sommer.

PAP assays custom designed for the cancer patient can be used for Monitoring Of Therapy Or Recurrence (MOTOR), a tool in cancer treatment.

of somatic mutations within a cancer

"For detection of new cancers, a standard suite of PAP assays can be developed as an annual routine screen for cancer, a screening test which could detect most cancers at a very early and curable stage," says Dr. Sommer. "About 7000 cancer mutations should provide a signature in for 90% of tumors in the body. The combination of PAP, NextGen sequencing, and interpretation make for a powerful combination for this earlier-stage diagnostic-biotechnology company. These powerful tests can detect and quantitate any cancer type at levels generally below imaging tests....and also find new unknown cancers where most are cured by just surgery, even for common cancers now generally lethal within a year, such as lung cancer and pancreatic cancer."

OncoMOTOR is a molecular diagnostic laboratory founded in 2011 by Steve S. Sommer, MD, PhD. The core technology is Pyrophosphorolysis Activated Polymerization (PAP).

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About Steve Sommer, M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Steve Sommer, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of OncoMOTOR is a Founding Fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics with 25 years experience in Clinical Molecular Diagnosis and over 300 scientific publications and patents. About 150 papers are on mutagenesis and cancer.

Dr. Sommer is a professor of genetics and founding member of the American College of Medical Genetics. Research and clinical preventive genetics have been the underlying focus of his research for two decades. He has more than 300 scientific publications. He has developed more than 30 methods and reagents and holds multiple patents. Dr. Sommer's honors include: election to the prestigious American Society of Clinical Investigation (ASCI) and the American Association of Physicians (AAP).

Dr. Sommer was Medical Staff Fellow at the National Institutes of Health, performing research in yeast molecular genetics and receiving residency training in Pathology and fellowship training in Clinical Genetics. He is a Founding Fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics in Clinical Genetics and in Clinical Molecular Genetics. As Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at the Mayo Clinic, he developed a suite of early PCR-based methods including GAWTS (Genomic Amplification with Transcript Sequencing), the first workable PCR-based method for performing direct human genomic sequencing, and co-developed allele-specific amplification. He applied those methods to i) the analysis of spontaneous human mutagenesis and its relation to cancer and genetic disease and ii) search for genes & predisposing to neuropsychiatric disease, especially schizophrenia and autism as these divergent biological questions were both limited by the ability to retrieve appropriate information from nucleic acids. 

He moved to City of Hope in 1996, were he became Chair of the research Department of Molecular Genetics and the clinical Department of Molecular Diagnosis. From 1997 to 2006, he led the Clinical Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory (CMDL), which became one of the largest academic DNA diagnostic reference laboratories in the U.S. Dr. Sommer received his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Rockefeller University and his M.D. from Cornell Medical School.

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