Flash Security Is Made Easy With LockLizard Flashguard

LockLizard Flashguard is a unique flash security product that protects Adobe SWF flash files with strong encryption and DRM controls to stop IPR pirates in their tracks. It protects both the displayed flash file and the underlying source code (action scripts and multimedia objects) from decompiling, unauthorized copying, modifying, screen grabbing, printing, saving and distribution.

Online PR News – 08-June-2009 – – LockLizard have recently launched their latest DRM security product, LockLizard Flashguard Flash Security, that secures Adobe flash SWF files against unauthorized use and controls what users can do with them.

Unlike obfuscation products that just alter the code structure and therefore can be easily circumvented, LockLizard Flashguard Flash Security completely encrypts your SWF files (with AES 256 bit encryption) preventing programs decompiling your intellectual property to an editable format. Content is only ever decrypted in memory and your nested scripts, objects, images, and animation are fully secured at all times. Because LockLizard Flashguard Flash Security does not alter your code structure in any way, your flash files continue working as before they were protected.

In addition, LockLizard Flashguard Flash Security applies DRM controls to your flash files so not only can you decide who can view them, but you can also control how long or how many times they can be viewed, and whether printing is allowed. It also stops screenshots of your flash files from being taken. You can instantly terminate your customers access to a flash file if they have not paid, and control how long your customers can view your flash files offline.

LockLizard Flashguard Flash Security is primarily aimed at elearning providers, web design companies, and flash game developers. It enables such organizations to achieve their full economic potential by protecting their revenue streams and stopping other organizations from ripping off content as their own work. Protected flash files can be securely distributed across the web, including partner sites, without fear of their intellectual property being stolen.

LockLizard Flashguard Flash Security provides real-time web based licensing control and transparent customer authorization. Simply manage your customers online or integrate LockLizard Flashguard with your e-commerce system for total automation. Existing customer information can be imported, and fully hosted systems ensure you can be up and running in minutes with no configuring of servers. Protecting flash files is a simple matter of right-clicking on them in Windows File Explorer and selecting the appropriate DRM controls from the tabbed dialog that pops-up.

Free flash security player software is downloadable from the LockLizard web site so there is nothing for your customers to purchase. Flash protected content cannot be compromised by other applications or the common Adobe flash security issues and javascript is not supported to prevent malicious code execution.

LockLizard Flashguard Flash Security is priced from $2495 for a subscription license. You pay the one low cost regardless of the number of flash files you protect or the number of customers that subscribe to your publications or protected flash files. More information on securing flash can be found at http://www.locklizard.com/flash_security.htm

About LockLizard

LockLizard is a DRM vendor that produces document security, flash security, pdf security, ebook security, copy protection, and web content encryption products that use DRM technology to protect information from intellectual property theft. Our DRM software prevents copying, printing, screen grabbing, and sharing of information without the use of insecure passwords. More information on LockLizard DRM Security can be found at http://www.locklizard.com.

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