Image Max PR Is Now Offering Service To Bury Negative Links And Articles

Image Max PR can now Bury Negative Link and Articles onto lower pages in Google. How to bury negative links and blog posts.

Online PR News – 07-January-2012 – – New Orleans Louisiana

Image Max Public Relations & Mugshot Removal Service ( has just announced that they will now offer a service that will bury negative links and comments. Since February of 2011 Image Max has focused primarily on mugshot removals, but a spokesperson for the firm says that they will now offer a negative link burial service to their clients.

Negative links and blogs post can land on the first page of Google and totally devastate the online reputation of a business owner or general client. Image Max PR is now offering a reputation management service that will bury insidious content onto lower pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

In a recent interview with Tyronne Jacques (author of How to fight Google and win) he explained how negative content on the first page of Google can eliminate potential employment opportunities, as well as provide a constant source of humiliation.

“All it takes is one disgruntle employee or a jilted lover to take to the internet and launch a negative campaign blitz, and you’re doomed! Having the ability to bury negative content on lower pages of Google could be your only defense against an online attack, and you should use all tools at your disposal to protect your online reputation.”

Tyronne Jacques went on to say that he teaches many of the strategies required to bury negative links found on the first page of Google, but many of his clients simply don’t of the time to follow through in the process.

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Image Max PR now offers three payment options for clients interested in removing their embarrassing internet post and Twitter tweets. The service comes with a money back guarantee and employs many of the effective strategies found in the top selling reputation management textbook How to fight Google and win.

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