Veteran Android guide publisher releases seventh guide; this time on Android Security

The essential guide to protecting an Android phone or tablet from security threats

Online PR News – 07-January-2012 – – Taipei, Taiwan, 6 January, 2011- MetaPlume’s latest eBook explains how to use apps available on the Android Market to ensure that your data remains secure, protected and virus free.
Smartphones and tablets really are mini mobile computers and we use them for all sorts of personal, even private or professionally sensitive, purposes. Securing your Android smartphone or tablet PC is important, to protect it from viruses and malware, to secure your data in case your device is lost or stolen, to ensure that your browsing history is kept private … in short, to make sure that your personal mobile computing life doesn’t become a liability.

There are hundreds of apps available on the Android Market that address security concerns. This eBook explains how to use 11 of them in a combination that protects you against:

• Viruses
• Malware
• Hackers
• Spam
• Data theft
• Attacks over Wi-Fi
• Phishing

And set up protection via:

• Entry protection
• Securing your browsing history
• Password protecting key apps
• Protecting your passwords

It may sound paranoid, but it’s a good idea to take the time to set your Android device up securely rather than regret that you didn’t after a security breach. You can purchase a copy for US$1.99 (may vary across regions) from
About the author
Fiona Gatt has worked in the tech industry for over a decade and has extensive experience writing guides on computing products for end users. Ironically, Fiona’s academic training is in history, politics, fiction writing and editing; the career in IT was somewhat of an accident. Like everybody, Fiona lives and works with technology without ever apparently having decided to do so. This gives her writing style a unique inside angle tempered with accessible language, which she peppers with humor to help bridge the gap between inside industry knowledge and the real world application of tech.
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