Link-Assistant.Com Empowers Rank Tracker to Show All Webpages Ranking on Google for the Same

Link-Assistant.Com is yanking a well awaited incentive to one of its best software products.

Online PR News – 05-January-2012 – – From now on, Rank Tracker will be revealing its users all pages of their websites ranking in Google for the same keywords.

This is a huge add to the software, as it not only means monitoring the SEO progress of the top-optimized pages but rather getting the insight on website’s entire Google presence. After having spotted the webpages that are overshadowed by the top-optimized page, any user can then easily adjust the SEO strategy to raise those pages to Google’s top and multiply the traffic flow coming to the website.

*SEO and Rank Tracker*

SEO is all about getting a website work, which is namely, generate traffic and thus income. Basically, the closer your website is positioned to the Top of Google, the more traffic it gets. Traffic in its turn translates into sales, which make the income of the website owner.

Rank Tracker is being used by thousands of users from e-business starters to professional SEO masters to keep track of their websites’ positions in Google. The piece of software comes as a part of the famous SEO PowerSuite, Link-Assistant's main and ultimate SEO product.

*What is the new feature all about*

Rank Tracker checks every single page of a website, ranked for a particular keyword, and shows not just the winning page but also partially optimized pages that are already present somewhere in Google but haven't yet reached the top. These pages already got credibility from search engines, but being too far from the top they do not bring the website owner much traffic. This is why optimizing these pages can double, triple or even multiply the websites traffic by a few folds. Rank Tracker now detects such pages and helps users attract tons of traffic to their sites.

"Imagine having a car and going with just one wheel. Having a website and only getting traffic from one of its pages is somewhat similar. New Rank Tracker is designed to make sure your e-business is in full motion", - says Viktar Khamianok, CEO at Link-Assistant.Com.

Read more about the new Rank Tracker feature, please visit the company's SEO blog:

Watch a quick YouTube video for a hands-on review of the new feature:

*Defining the world standards for SEO software – About Link-Assistant.Com*

Link-Assistant.Com is a leader in developing SEO software solutions, geographically located in Europe and known all around the globe mainly for SEO PowerSuite its primary product comprised of 4 tools, namely Rank Tracker, SEO Spyglass, LinkAssistant and WebsiteAuditor, which together represent an ultimate solution to SEO.