Announces Release of New Recipe Book and Alkaline Nutritional Planner

The Alkaline Diet Can Help Followers Lose Weight, Become Healthier and Realize Their Own Potential

Online PR News – 08-January-2012 – – Every food that human beings digest releases an alkaline ash or an acid ash into the blood and tissues of the body based on the mineral compounds contained in that food. It is essential to maintain an acid alkaline balance that is considered healthy for optimum weight loss, additional energy and adherence to a successful alkaline diet. Excessive acid can develop and build up in the body fluids when less ash is released into the body.

Properly following an alkaline diet can be confusing and oftentimes difficult, making
for a frustrating experience for people that are attempting to maintain healthy nutrition. seeks to ease the strain that deciphering sometimes conflicting
information can cause while clarifying exactly what foods are alkalizing and acidifying. Alkaline foods are not difficult to discover and achieving balanced body chemistry to reach your highest physical potential will be made easier when utilizing's soon-to-be-released recipe book and nutritional planner.

The nutritional planner is a perfect supplement for anyone following the alkaline diet. It acts as a convenient tool to help with planning meals, exercise regiments and tracking what alkaline foods are being consumed. Additionally,'s recipe book by Emma Deangela features enhanced recipes for dieters with all different types of taste preferences.

From traditional recipes to the more creative, the recipe book will help dieters discover new and innovative ways to create great meals using alkaline foods. Both the nutritional planner and recipe book are exciting new tools to assist dieters in properly following the alkaline diet, lose weight and reach their ultimate health goals. is a premier website and online resource for introduction and
information on the popular alkaline diet, how it works and what its benefits can be. Founded by George Tee, it breaks down the chemistry and physiology behind the alkaline diet and what consuming alkaline foods do when being digested inside the body. An easy-to-understand resource for anybody around the world, will be releasing a recipe book by Emma Deangela as well as a nutritional planner for convenient diet adherence and assistance in meeting personal health goals. They can be visited on the web at