What if Earth Hour uplifts African school kids with no lights to turn off?

Iowa USA-based author and international speaker C. Paschal Eze makes case for Earth Hour heroes who turn their cost savings into meaningful charity, giving eco-friendly solar lamps to school children who have no lights to turn off on Earth Hour day.

Online PR News – 30-January-2010 – – When millions of people around the world turn off their lights and electrical appliances at 8.30-9.30pm (local time) on Saturday March 27 2010 to bring much needed attention to climate change, there will be millions of school children especially in African countries with no lights to do their school assignments and home chores for no fault of theirs.

That’s why Iowa USA-based author and international speaker C. Paschal Eze is calling on all who would turn their lights off on that day to remember those who have no lights to turn off, especially school children to whom eco-friendly solar lamps would make a big difference.

Calling it the “Our Earth Hour, Their Better Life” campaign, Eze posits that taking Earth Hour beyond the confines of celebrity-driven symbolism would ensure better outcomes by stimulating and facilitating attitudinal changes and empowering ordinary people to go green.

As he puts it, “The idea behind Earth Hour is a good and commendable one, which perhaps explains why it has gained such a wide acceptance. Let’s now go beyond the celebrity-driven symbolism and make it better and more meaningful to the downtrodden of the earth. Let’s use the cost savings of our Earth Hour to provide life-changing eco-friendly solar lamps to the poor in regions where light as we know it is a far-fetched luxury.”

Doing so, Eze adds, is responding to the blazing need for real Earth Hour heroes who make a good symbolic cause better by using it to uplift the living conditions of people who need a hand-up, people who would ordinarily burn wood or use kerosene lamps.

He wondered why anybody would ignore these wood burners and kerosene lamp users while carrying on with the symbolism of Earth Hour. “That's why everyone taking part in Earth Hour should stand up to be counted among the real Earth Hour heroes empowering poor school kids to live better and live green,” opines Eze whose 9th book, For Blacks (and others) Who Really Care, discusses smart ways individuals and organizations can make their mark in African countries from afar.

For more information on this “Our Earth Hour, Their Better Life” campaign, call C. Paschal Eze in Iowa USA on 1-319-351-9695 or reach him by email at paashanbooks(@)mail.com or through his website http://www.ezegreenliving.com.