January 2012 Geolocation by IP2Location Web Service

IP2Location.com, the leading provider of IP geolocation introducing the easiest way to geolocate your online visitors.

Online PR News – 05-January-2012 – – IP2Location™ provides geolocation database product that allow web sites to determine and pinpoint geo location data of the online users by IP address.

Web master can use the location information to customize and localize the content of their websites such as redirecting the visitors to appropriate web pages based on their country and location. It also enables web master to implement digital rights management (DCM) with the purpose to control the users' access to movies, music, software, literature and other forms of digital data by location.

IP2Location™ IP-Country web service provides the service to do a reverse lookup of an IP address to ISO3166 country code. By simply submitting a query string and a set of parameters to the IP2Location™ Web APIs service, you will receive a search result in return. And, the search results are derived from IP2Location™ index of over 4 billion unique IP addresses. Each API unit subscription allows 100,000 query credits per year.

IP2Location™ Web API uses HTTP GET protocol, a single and easy to use web interface to perform the reverse lookup logic. You can test this API by typing in the following command in your web browser, http://api.ip2location.com/ip=&key=. Please feel free to visit http://www.ip2location.com/web-service for further information.

The IP2Location™ database has more than 6 million records to cover all valid IP addresses. It has over 99 percent matching accuracy at the country level. Available from US$49 per year, the database is available for immediate download, bundled with free monthly updates for 12 months. The database is in an easy-to-use ASCII text format and is compatible with major database programs including Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle, IBM DB2 and others. A free demo is available online at http://www.ip2location.com.

About IP2Location.com

Founded in 2001, IP2Location.com provides Internet infrastructure intelligence services to online businesses. IP2Location.com’s products provide the geographical location of Web site visitors in real-time, enabling businesses to display localized content, enable bandwidth balancing, improve click-through, improve sales, prevent fraud, conduct site analysis and foster regulatory compliance. With over 500 industry leading customers, IP2Location.com is the geolocation market leader. IP2Location.com’s main headquarters is located in Penang, Malaysia, with regional sales office located in Florida, United States.

The company can be reached by fax at +1-941-240-2105, by email at sales@ip2location.com, and on the Web at http://www.ip2location.com.