NAMCP/AAMCN Survey Reveals Costs and Concerns of Primary Care Coordination

In a recent article which appeared in the Journal of Managed Care Medicine which was written by BHM Healthcare Solutions members Danyell Jones and Mark Rosenberg the impact of Behavioral healthcare Delivered in a Primary Care setting was explored, and recent NAMCP/AAMCN survey findings were explored opening the dialogue about the topic of integration and coordination across Behavioral Health and Primary Care Providers.

Online PR News – 05-January-2012 – – The Journal of Managed Care Medicine which is published by the National Association of Managed Care Physicians has long been an outstanding resource for industry providers, and Vol. 14 No. 4, published in 2011 was no different featuring a timely article which focused on the integration of Behavioral Health into a Primary Care Setting. The article is focused upon a survey conducted by the National Association of Managed Care Physicians (NAMCP) in coordination with the American Association of Managed Care Nurses (AAMCN) which sought to determine how members of these organizations gauged the importance of Behavioral Health Care in the overall treatment of patients.

“As healthcare continues to change, and physicians become more and more aware of the mind-body approach to patient treatment, integration of Behavioral and Primary Healthcare will become preeminent in importance. At BHM Healthcare Solutions this is one of our guiding focuses when concentrating on assisting organizations with their clinical operations. We understand that the goal of every provider is the provision of superior care, but the financial aspect of Behavioral Health/Primary Care Integration was often cited as a stumbling block. The recent survey conducted by NAMCP is encouraging with the results showing that providers of care appreciate how costs can escalate when there is a behavioral health co-morbidity present with a primary health issue, underscoring the need for impactful coordination to not only ensure optimal care, but decrease overall healthcare costs” stated Danyell Jones.

Dr. Mark Rosenberg, President of BHM Healthcare Solutions and author of the recent article has often assisted organizations guiding them toward an integrated approach to healthcare. Additionally, Dr. Rosenberg has delivered several notable presentations and learning series around the country at national conventions focused on this topic. “Behavioral Health integration is one of the most substantial things an organization can do to ensure quality improvement in healthcare ” states Dr. Rosenberg, who went on to say that “one of the most important aspects of behavioral health consulting is ensuring that integration becomes part of every organizations healthcare management strategies.”

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