Discount Favors Becomes The First To Introduce Custom Sticky Notes In Different Shapes

Cheap promotional products such as the sticky notes have proven that Promotional products needn’t be costly to be effective in brand promotion. The effectiveness of promotional items can be enhanced by customizing it. Let’s hear what the best customizers of promotional products have to say about the sticky notes.

Online PR News – 08-June-2009 – – Pensacola, FL ( Onlineprnews ) Jun 08, 2009 - “You will be well aware of the fact that the success in brand promotion through any promotional product depends upon the degree of customization. You should always remember the fact that customization of any promotional product has no limits and everything including the cheap sticky notes ( can be customized based on your imagination. The cheap sticky notes are commonly available in many colors and sizes and people think that that is the limit of customization. We will say that choosing colors and size is the basic requirement of creating a custom sticky note. The customization begins with the change of shape or pattern of the sticky notes” says Mr. Carl.

Speaking about the custom sticky notes available in their shelves in more detail, Mr. Carl said “Like the customization of any other promotional products, the shape and pattern of the custom sticky note should be chosen based on the theme of your business. Let’s consider that you own a pizza corner and you launch a promotional campaign by issuing sticky notes to your customers. You should remember the fact that your customers like pizza already and they will be happy to see pizza shaped sticky notes that is something really useful in their daily lives and in the shape that they like. Hence any theme can be applied to the sticky notes ( The tooth shaped sticky notes, Dollar Shaped Sticky Notes, bulb shaped sticky notes are some of the examples of business theme based sticky notes.”

He concluded saying that, “Customization of promotional products entirely depends on one’s imagination and creativity. Any promotional product can be customized to a great extent and the sticky notes are no exemption. No matter what extent you customize the sticky notes, the pricing always remains cheap.”

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