Bail Agents Offer Possible Solutions to CCPs for Correctional Facilities AB109 Realignment

The bail bond industry offers positive solutions that actually remove the government’s liability and places it on the bail bondsmen, who understand the risks of their business, but also know the positive results they can produce. The bail industry is happy that they have been invited to the table at many CCP meetings to discuss possible solutions to AB109 and the Prison Realignment issues facing California today.

Online PR News – 04-January-2012 – – Newport Beach, CA – Sean Cook, the owner/operator of Premiere Bail Bonds based in Newport Beach, California, announced today his participation, along with other Bail Bondsmen throughout the state, in the Community Correction Programs (CCPs) committee formed to address the AB109 Prison Realignment Program, which officially began its enforcement on October 1, 2011.

The AB109 Prison Realignment Program was established to deal with the overcrowding problem throughout the California state prison system. This overcrowding issue is being addressed in a couple of ways; 1) transferring state prison inmates to county jail facilities; and, 2) early release for some inmates in custody charged with lesser crimes. The issues that impact this realignment program are public safety, budgets and liability. To address these issues the Community Correction Programs (CCPs) committee was formed, and is made up of the District Attorney (DA), the Sheriff, Mental Health Services, the Public Defender, and the presiding Judge.

Mr. Cook, accompanied and supported by other bail bondsmen, have been invited to talk with the CCPs committee, offering them possible solutions to AB109 that target these problems and issues facing the state prisons, as well as county jails. The possible solutions presented to the committee by the bail bondsmen are spelled out below:

Jail Overcrowding…
The bail agents believe that one possible solution is to “quick booking” and “quick release” inmates that have already posted bail. It’s not unusual to see the booking and release process of an inmate take 12-24 hours at some of the jails. A quick book and release process could save a jail up to 10 hours, on average, per inmate. Multiply 10 hours by the number of inmates, and this quick booking and release process could save thousands of hours, not to mention, bed space and liability on the Sheriff’s Department.

Public Safety…
Public safety is always an important issue to consider. If the jails are releasing some offenders on their own recognizance, then they take away the ‘accountability’ for their actions and could see these offenders absconding rather than appearing for their scheduled court appearances. Or, they could find them becoming ‘repeat offenders’, which only increases the problem for everyone involved.

Bail Agents have illustrated that they have a 99+ percent appearance rate by getting their clients to appear in court to face their charges and hold them accountable. The reason the bail industry can tout such great success is because they make it a family affair. Bail bond companies hold the family responsible for their loved one when they bail that person out of jail. Very rarely will a person facing trial abscond and leave their family members holding the liability of several thousand dollars.

Why is this important? It’s important because the alternative to releasing an inmate without bail due to jail overcrowding faces huge repercussions. The inmate instantly has no accountability for their actions since they were only released on their own signature to appear. If they were responsible enough to sign for themselves, they wouldn’t have gotten themselves into this predicament in the first place. This Government funded AB109 release process is happening because of jail overcrowding, which is a major public safety concern. Inmates released on government funded release programs are 2/3 less likely to appear in court than inmates released on private surety bail bonds.

Budget Concerns…
We all know that California has a huge budget deficit, so why put the justice system in the position of adding more to the bottom line? A strong solution offered by the bail bondsmen addressing this problem is to make better use of the bail bond process because it doesn’t cost the government or the taxpayers anything out of their own pockets!

According to Mr. Cook, Bail Bondsmen are independent, privately-owned insurance companies. When Bail Bond companies post a bond for someone, they take that person out of jail at no cost to taxpayers, saving a bundle in tax dollars. When a defendant awaiting trial skips town, the Bail Agency goes out to find them on their own dime. Compared to when the government releases an inmate on their own recognizance, and that inmate skips town. Now the government is forced to spend tax dollars chasing that person down to bring them to justice. The bail industry solution presents a ‘win-win’ conclusion. According to Mr. Cook, “Studies have shown that defendants released on private surety bail bonds are less likely to repeat crimes while out on bail than inmates released on government funded release programs.”

Premiere Bail Bonds is a family-owned and operated bail bond business, headquartered in Newport Beach, CA, with over 19 years in the bail bond industry. From their extensive knowledge and experience, the bail system provides a service that has a positive impact on public safety, state and local budgets, and liability. They take the responsibility and the risk of the offenders they bail out, and work at making sure they show up for all court appearances. For bail bond related questions call (800) 662-0056, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

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