New Pregnancy Solutions Review Site Gives Hope To Couples Trying To Get Pregnant

New Site Lists the Top Programs for those Trying to Get Pregnant

Online PR News – 04-January-2012 – – January 2, 2012, USA - Couples who are trying to get pregnant: have had, up until now, few options on finding the latest information and resources. Thanks to the new website,, its creator, Neville Pettersson, has made it his mission to help couples who are desperately trying to get pregnant.

According to Pettersson, "The aim of this site is to help people get pregnant without having to do what we did. Which is spend thousands of dollars whilst being constantly disappointed and having to fork over even more money." He and his wife were trying to get pregnant: , and eventually opted for IVF, which was a success. They now have a son, Raphael.

Listed on the website are three of the most popular programs for those trying to get pregnant. Two of them contain information on how to conceive natuarlly, while the third is specifically for the IVF method. Each program costs approxmately $39, and the success rates range from 93% to 100%.

Trying to get pregnant can put couples on an emotional roller-coaster, which could actually make conceiving more difficult. Pettersson offers advice and tips on how to ease stress, when best to have sex, how often and a host of other information to help couples who are trying to get pregnant.

The number one recommended program for those trying to get pregnant is the "Pregnancy Miracle," written by Lisa Olson. Based on an ancient Chinese and Holistic system, the program boasts a 100% success rate. Says one happy customer, "After 7 years trying to conceive I finally got pregnant 4 weeks after I read your book and followed your program. Everything in your book makes sense. I am recommending your program to all my friends."

It's a fact of life, however; not everyone trying to get pregnant will achieve success, due to various medical reasons. That's why one of the top 3 recommended programs is the "IVF Success Program." It boasts a 93% success rate, which is much higher than what a traditional doctor can guarantee.

There are many factors that can interfere with couples who are trying to get pregnant. Work schedules, stress, the environment, personal care products, even cleaning productscan negatively affect one's ability to conceive. The website give no-nonsense, straight-forward tips on how to increase one's chances of pregnancy; the tips are for both men and women.

Other tips for those trying to get pregnant include how to increase one's chances of having a boy, or a girl. There are also articles on how to predict the sex of the baby, what to expect from infertility treatments, including costs, drugs and procedures, and detailed reviews of each program.

This site promises to be a welcome resource for those trying to get pregnant; it provides a one-stop resource for everything to do with pregnancy. Pettersson's goal is to keep the site updated with the newest information and resources available.

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