Lebrillenc by Beauté de Paris’ Announces New Year’s Resolution for Radiant Looking Skin

Lebrillenc Enables Women to Turn Back Time Safely with the Look of Brighter Skin

Online PR News – 03-January-2012 – – Women are now able to begin 2012 looking younger and fresher with Lebrillenc, a skin brightener serum by Beauté de Paris.

Ladies everywhere often resort to expensive creams, photoshop programs and pricy plastic surgery procedures to attain beautiful looking skin, but now they can begin the new year looking fresh and youthful with the age defying Lebrillenc cream.

Lebrillenc skin brightener serum works to bring out the best appearance of skin. In just four weeks, skin will look brighter and rejuvenated. It helps to eliminate the appearance of unattractive age spots, skin blemishes and other imperfections, leaving behind beautiful even looking skin that every woman wants.

This fountain of youth cream is a safe alternative to more traditional skin brighteners that use Synthetic Hydroquinone, which is infamous for harmful side effects possibly even disfiguring skin permanently. Instead, Lebrillenc utilizes top notch natural ingredients like Aloe Vera; Alpha-Arbutine used as both a skin brightener, and to help diminish the appearance of age spots; Licorice extract; Salicylic Acids a beta hydroxy acid; Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate a specific form of Vitamin-C that is used for its brightening effect on the appearance of skin; and Saxifraga Sarmentosa Extract to reduce the look of skin damage caused by UV radiation.

Standing apart from other skin brightener formulas, Lebrillenc is clinically tested by AMA Laboratories. It is shown in tests to brighten the appearance of skin up to 55 percent and diminish the appearance of age spots up to 77 percent, making perfect looking skin more attainable in weeks.

Lebrillenc is an effective skin brightener that gently exfoliates skin to eliminate the look of dullness, while diminishing the appearance of pesky blemishes and other impurities. Lebrillec costs $99.99 for a single bottle. For more information, visit www.beautedeparis.fr.


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