Stylus Studio 2010 XML Enterprise Suite Launched for Added Productivity

To ease the process of generating and producing XML is devised the new Stylus Studio 2010 XML Enterprise Suite from IVI Technologies

Online PR News – 05-January-2012 – – Miami, FL Recently launched XML editor by IVI Technologies is said to boast some advanced features that's capable of improving XML coding. Stylus Studio 2010 XML Enterprise Suite is designed mainly to provide increased productivity in various business applications. This new XML Editor( ) version has some advanced features that make it unique from the other available products in market.

The features of this quality product includes data formats' support, visual mapping of relational data sources, functionality of new XQuery code refactoring, and integrated data sources. All these functions make Stylus Studio 2010, a more versatile XML editor( ) that's to be used in XML programming. Other than these stunning features, the editor offers more than what people are looking for in XML software.

"The release of the Stylus Studio 2010 Suite has raised the bar even higher in the XML IDE market," said Robert Evelyn, President, IVI Technologies. "With expanded data source support along with its existing feature-rich capabilities, the Stylus Studio 2010 product is one of the most versatile and highly demanded XML IDEs on the market."

This XML enterprise suite simplifies numerous tasks in business applications as a new set of productivity tools are used in its design. Producing XML is not that an easy task and it is perfectly done with the help of this wonderful product offered by IVI Technologies. The award-winning technology of the product generates and produces codes that do tasks related to XML development and data integration in a perfect way without any issues.

Stylus Studio 2010 XML Enterprise Suite finds its use in a wide variety of applications and has proved to show good results. A researcher at a leading hospital research facility in North Carolina shares: "We are using a combination of MIRTH/HL7, our enterprise data warehouse, and the Stylus Studio XML IDE to carry out several groundbreaking functions. For example, we are using it to get H1N1 vaccinations to high risk and underserved populations in North Carolina, but the applications in healthcare IT are endless. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product."

Producing XML is no more a tedious task as this product functions efficiently in order to offer you high quality results. And it is well worth its price without any doubt.


Stylus Studio XML Editor is a great tool that offers simplified data integration services, XML mapping and development and a lot more. For knowing more about the product, log on to