New Eco Travel Site Launched By PureTravel

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Online PR News – 29-January-2010 – – PureTravel is pleased to announce the introduction of a new section on the website that features travel destinations and tours of places that promote ecotourism. The tours are conducted from your local country to the desired place of travel. It is important to promote ecotourism for a better tomorrow. Ecotourism is practices whereby people visit a certain place and utilize the available resources in a way that it promotes the well-being of the resources, protecting them from depletion and benefiting the local populations.

PureTravel offers the travel enthusiasts with a list of great destinations that you will love to visits. These popular destinations that promote ecotourism are located all over the world including Africa, Asia and Oceania. In India, there is a popular eco travel destination in a place called Keralal. This place is full of green beauty that has come to be a great admiration by many travelers from all over the world. The beautiful African country of Kenya has several jungle lodges that are well nestled amidst flora and fauna.

These eco travel destination is a popular visits by people from all over the world. It is one of the well-recognized destinations by the international ecotourism board. Mexico also has some great eco travel destinations that you will love to visit.

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