New Site Information Resource Site Launches - Outsourcing For Internet

Outsourcing for Internet is a new website that helps internet marketers figure out if they are ready to start outsourcing as a way to grow their business.

Online PR News – 05-January-2012 – – LSJBL Marketing LLC, an internet marketing company based out of Kansas, is announcing the launch of a new website that will feature information about outsourcing for internet marketers. The new site can be found at Outsourcing for Internet Marketers

The goal of this website is to help interested internet marketers get the information they need to determine if it would be beneficial to outsource, and if so, if freelance or full time assistants would be more appropriate for their specific situation.

"Lately I have been getting sales letters from some big players in the Outsourcing for Internet Marketing niche. They all offer programs that they say are newbie friendly but the price of these programs is saying something completely different. How can you pay $47.00 to $147.00 a month when you are not making at least three times that amount monthly? Hire a permanent virtual assistant and that's another $250.00 to $400.00 a month. That’s just not sound business.” says LSJBL founder, Lindsay Eatmon.

Because the main benefit of outsourcing (less work more money) is so enticing to new internet marketers, many are jumping into outsourcing too early and are losing money. Their upfront costs are so prohibitive many of them decide to give up.

We want to give new internet marketers a way to know when they're ready to start outsourcing and/or hiring assistants.

This website will also feature books, videos, and interviews with internet marketers who are having success outsourcing part or all of their business. Outsourcing for Internet Marketers will look at the topic of outsourcing purely from a standpoint of how it will affect internet and affiliate marketers.

For more details about Outsourcing for Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Online Marketers and even Offline Marketers. If you are new to the world of outsourcing please visit the new site at Outsourcing for Internet Marketers