Tamera Nielsen, Author of Perspectives: Views on Life, will be interviewed on Authors Show 1-10-12

Tamera Nielsen, Business Development Consultant, Wellness Coach, and Author of six books will be interviewed on the Authors Show January 10 to discuss how her books help individuals transform ordinary into extraordinary and triumph against all odds.

Online PR News – 03-January-2012 – – East Lansing, Michigan – January, 02, 2012 – Tamera Nielsen, Business Development Consultant, Wellness Coach, and Author of six books will be interviewed on the Authors Show January 10, 2012 to discuss how her latest books, particularly “Perspectives: Views on Life” help individuals triumph in the face of adversity, find comfort despite pain, see hope when none is in sight, and more.

In “Views on Life”, Nielsen inspires readers to identify who they are, what they stand for, and focus on what truly matters to them in any given situation or exchange. This unabridged version of Nielsen’s six books takes the reader on a journey through their past, present, and potential views on life to ultimately live an extraordinary existence, regardless of any challenge.

“I wrote this book,” Nielsen says, “for individuals who are bored, unfulfilled, stressed, ill, dying, or have been victimized. The book demonstrates through deep, thought-provoking, heartrending messages how to transform trauma into triumph and the ordinary into extraordinary.”

Jay Platt, Author of “No Matter What!” also authors the Foreword for “Perspectives: Views on Life”. In it, he writes, “Tamera speaks and writes from years of experience. She has gone through things that would make most of us cringe… And we, as readers… benefit from that hard won knowledge… You will, without a doubt, benefit from her words of wisdom…your perspective on life and all that goes into it will change. What seemed serious before probably won’t so much anymore. You will see things in ways that you haven’t before. Her words are that powerful.”

Surviving life’s ordeals and healthfully altering a mundane existence is only part of what readers experience from this book. Nielsen shows readers that by altering a view, they can transform their life.

“We may be victimized by life’s challenges, but behaving like a victim is a choice,” Nielsen says, “We can make life’s challenges and traumas, far worse just by the choices we make and the attitudes we take. For anyone that wants to turn pain into pleasure and boredom into passion, this book is for them.”

In initial reviews, “Your uplifting thoughts tug forcefully at one's emotions and core desires, challenging each of us to boldly step out and share our individual gifts with the world,” Alan Steacy, Professional Copywriter, says.

“…a wonderful prescription for pausing, refocusing, and redirecting one’s energy to positive paths forward. A great resource to help bolster a stronger tomorrow for every reader,” Roy Saper, Owner Saper Galleries, says.

Nielsen’s books are on Amazon or at her website www.TameraNielsen.com/Books. Titles by Nielsen include, “Transformation,” “Achievement,” “Relationships for Life,” “Words on Hope, Truth, and Integrity,” as well as her coffee table book featuring the USAF 7 Summits Challenge Team’s photography, “Words on Peace, Passion, and Purpose.”

About Tamera Nielsen
Nielsen is a Business Development Consultant, Wellness Coach, Author, Connector, and Speaker. Her 25-years’ experience includes helping small businesses, individuals, and artists achieve professional and personal goals. A compassionate connector of people and creator of solutions, Nielsen’s services are delivered with extraordinary empathy to create win-win results, regardless of the goal at hand. Analytical and resourceful, Nielsen navigates complex situations with ease providing clear pathways to achieve optimum solutions for businesses and individuals alike. Strategic marketing, branding, sales training, media relations, promotional and SEO services, along with her wellness coaching have proven successful in an array of nationwide settings. She is an Expert Author on Ezine, contributor to Examiner, and has been published in Entrepreneur, Gannett, Massage, Lansing Business Monthly, among many others. Her books can be found on Amazon.