IETT launches first of its kind Global Trading Technologies Course

Institute of Electronic Trading Technologies (IETT) launches a first of its kind program on Global Trading Technologies

Online PR News – 03-January-2012 – – New Delhi, January 3, 2012: Financial markets are relying more and more on complex technologies to get an edge over competition. Gone are the days when traders used to shout their orders on dimly lit exchange floors. Today traders depend on technology to decide their short and long positions using highly advanced algorithms running over low latency infrastructure spanning across globe. Millions of trades get executed over efficient electronic trading platforms that some claim give extra edge to investment banks and large brokers over small or individual traders. Fast computers or computing methods driven by very complex technologies such as proprietary FPGA chips provide further hardware acceleration to execute orders in nano-seconds.
“A career in global markets involves playing with such complex and innovative technologies as grid computing, algorithmic trading or high speed-low latency transaction management. Lucrative long-term career goals may include working as head of IT for an investment bank, CIO of a commodities company or technological experts at a large algorithmic trading company.” - Sumit Sharma, VP, Sapient Global Markets
Financial firms globally are fine tuning their technology edge every day in universities and research centers to edge out low technology centric models still prevalent in other parts of the world. Identifying shortage of professionals who understand trading technologies, Institute of Electronic Trading Technology was set up in May of 2011 and has been working with top technology brains on Wall Street in USA to develop structured courses that can help develop talent to design, build, and manage complex global trading technology solutions. “Our mission is to fill the gap between the rigorous but theoretical university courses and practical but non-rigorous courses offered by other institutes”, said Srinivasan Ramanan, Faculty Director of IETT. While multiple business schools offer a number of programs in investment banking, there is a complete lack of any program preparing engineering or investment banking professionals to learn the complexities of developing electronic trading technologies. “Since there are no specific niche training solutions preparing graduates to take on development of trading platforms, algorithmic trading solutions, high frequency trading, etc., the companies end up running their in-house training programs at steep costs and lasting months to bring fresh hires to productive levels. Technology plays a key role in today’s competitive landscape of trading and clients end up losing months on development schedules putting up their traders with outdated or obsolete solutions”, said Dalip Kumar, Managing Director of FCS Software Solutions.

About IETT: IETT is the only domain specific institute with a mission to bring cutting edge technology training to prepare elite professionals for developing technology solutions for financial firms. While the key focus will be to develop education and research in trading domain, it will also create focus groups, events, and other forums, both physically and virtually, to develop debate, highlight efficiencies of new technologies, develop migration path to adapt constantly changing technology landscape, and develop platforms to bring smaller firms on similar footing as larger firms. The other key area that IETT will focus is to identify key trends taking shape globally and then structure appropriate hands on courses to fill the need gap. One of its key strength is partnerships with industry leaders in various areas to maintain a practical focus to each course.